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EU Referendum

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AB Editor | 16:55 Wed 23rd Jan 2013 | News
40 Answers

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  • Out - 145 votes
  • 66%
  • In - 76 votes
  • 34%

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We have been in the EU for long enough now to know that nothing has worked for us. We are lumbered with restrictions from Brussels ridiculous laws, and a massive bill to pay to the unregulated system that is the EU. Not to mention immigration on a huge scale which has depleted our resources. I didn't vote to join the common market in the 70's we are now worst off than before. It isn't as though we can't trade with other countries. Why does Clegg and co insist we would be better off in the EU if we don't even use the euro? We haven't seen any benefit yet.
Ed, will you keep this vote open till the Scots vote on independence in 2014?
5 years? Probably be dead by then.
Anyone else feeling a little Dave ja vu?

Try this from before the last election.
Britain's been 'at war' with some part of Europe on/off so many times in the past,why change now?
petal54, you'll be pleased to hear they're re-enacting Agincourt in 2015
I simply don't feel informed enough. A part of me thinks it would be nice to be free of the EU as it now stands, but perhaps a bigger part of me thinks to ops out would be a disaster. I think Cameron is an even bigger idiot now that I did before he made this announcement at this present time. An early ploy to ensure they get reelected? He knows there is a lot of support to get out at the moment.

I think people have to really think hard about what getting out will really mean.
Am I being thick here, but has Cameron said whether or not he would actually honour the outcome of the referendum?
Surely it would be impossible to ignore the outcome, Mrs O
My point is that he hasn't actually said he would act on the results.
I wonder if it wasn't to his liking he would ignore it in a weaselly manner
An at-a-glance guide as to where the major parties stand wrt a UK referendum on the EU.
Cameron Will not allow a referendum, because he will not be in power.simple as that.
#probably out but if we can revert to what we signed up for originally I think we could make that work.#

What we thought we were signing up for ! We were conned by Heath and Wilson or maybe they were conned.
One of the early responses in this thread from ZEUHL is to my mind of paramount importance. AFTER TWO WORLD WARS Europe must stay united.
Sorry, I try not to answer personal questions, but generally a bit of both.
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The answer to 33a in the Sunday Express Magazine is Tarn Hows
without a doubt out-re-introduce our own fishing industry-farming set up-production of our own motor industry-deep mining-our own laws and a government for our own country who are willing to support and help the uk.

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EU Referendum

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