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EU Referendum

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AB Editor | 16:55 Wed 23rd Jan 2013 | News
40 Answers

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  • Out - 145 votes
  • 66%
  • In - 76 votes
  • 34%

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interesting to see how this will go,
probably out but if we can revert to what we signed up for originally I think we could make that work.
but that won;t be the case, we can't revert back to what the EEC was, it's too late for that.
I think it would be too difficult to disentangle ourselves from it so I`ve voted In (but with major reform)
If the current state of the EU continues for forseeable future, as is expected by the financial institutes, then this question is null & void, however, as the Politicos in Brussels will NEVER admit the entire scheme is now a "busted flush", then the rest of the Ostrich Club won't let the UK cash cow walk away.
How many years is it since the EU accounts were signed off by the auditors?
The same message I posted on the other thread:

Whilst there are a great many issues to consider, I think it is important to reflect on one that is often overlooked.

68 Years.

That's the longest period in history when Europeans haven't been killing each other en masse.

It might be argued that Germany has just found another way to take over, but perhaps we should compare the costs of EU membership with the cost to the British people of the first two instalments; WW1 and WW2

and focus on our best strategies for 'winning' this one.
I imagine OUT will win.
As per other thread;

Under present T's & C's.........OUT
This poll illustrates perfectly why we'll probably never get a referendum!
A superstate with a president, reaping the benefits and resources of our country, just like the romans did,handing down laws to the provinces, which we will become.

A european empire nothing more nothing less, and look whats happened to nearly every other euro empire over the centuries.

The 4 year timescale is terrible news for the economy. Overseas investors will probably pass on the UK and set up somewhere in mainland Europe. Jobs will start to evaporate.

If Cameron wants a referendum why not have it in two months time?
Two months is not practicle but if he is willing to start now we could know how possible any reforms are within a year. . Angela Mercal said today she is willing to discuss the issue which at least she is taking him seriously and as the dominant figure in the EU if she is willing to talk the others would follow especially as some of them would like some of the same powers returned as us.
Totally agree with Gromit. Cameron announced a couple of months ago that the recession is likely to last six years and now this! Complete miss management. Foreign (non EU) investors wont touch us with a barge pole now. What a cock.
Cameron really is a confused politician and tries to pull the wool over the electorate's eyes. He openly says that the UK is ready for a referendum. So . . . why are we having to wait another five years? And Nick Clegg . . . well!
I completely agree with Gromit, I've always believed that pulling out will deter non-European investors from setting up here as it will be used as a gateway to Europe, clearly a much larger market place. Those here already aren't really going to stay. Mass car production will go elsewhere and nigh on zero economic sovereignty.
The EU is a nice little scapegoat for all out problems, why get rid of it. I think a lot of people are ill informed, the one problem with democracy is those that vote are sooo ill informed.
Sorry Goodsoulette, but you need to reconsider.

Lets focus on the car industry which you mention. On 14th January Honda announced that it is cutting 1,100 jobs at its Swindon plant. Honda exports its UK produced cars predominantly to Europe. The European car market has shown a steep decline (down 17% overall and much more in some of the nations that are suffering from the effects of the euro). By contrast on the same day Jaguar-Land-Rover announced the creation of 800 new jobs at its plant in Solihull. Jaguar-Land-Rover’s exports go predominantly to non-EU countries such as the US (sales up 11%), India (up 14%), China (up 80%). It also has plans to open dealerships in other parts of Asia and Saudi Arabia.

With the problems on mainland Europe caused by the single currency foreign businesses are beginning to realise that unless those problems are properly addressed (which is most unlikely) the best prospects for future growth lie elsewhere. They will not need the UK (or anywhere else) as a gateway into Europe. The only gateway they will need is one to enable them to get out.
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