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gulliver1 | 10:21 Thu 13th Jun 2024 | News
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Post Brexit Figures on migration  shocked the audience as Beth Rigby told Sunak that the total net migration into the UK in the past  three years was 1.9 million compared  to     836.000 in the three years running up to the 2016 Referendum. So Brexit which was all about Immigration has failed .And all those lies Boris told you about taking charge of your own Borders just to get him into power.And you fell for it. Is now going to kick the Tories up their Aprils at the GE



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Apologies to Naomi of course, who keeps telling me that Brexit was nothing at all to do with immigration.

What I 'keep' telling you, gulliver, is that you don't understand the difference between legal and illegal immigration - and you still don't understand it.  

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Naomi "Legal Immigration" or "Illegal immigration"      Brexit was all about Immigration- and you still don't understand it.

the question is not about illegal immigration... the fact of the matter is that this country needs to either import labour or it needs to massively invest in training and incentivizing young people to do the jobs that immigrants do and that means higher taxation... i would be quite happy with the latter but the idea that you can significantly cut immigration and cut taxes is fantasy economics. utterly deluded. 

Untitled, there is no question.  

One reason for needing immigrants is that some people choose to emigrate and take their skills elsewhere. Those people who leave and no longer pay tax (no names) here should accept some of the 'blame'.  But of course immigration is fine, so long as we're in control. The problem is illegal migration which neither main party has any way of doing so.

Actually I believe the underlying reason for increasing immigration is due to the problem of a decreasing birthrate over decades.

Every generation pays for the paensions of the previous ones, this was fine especially during the "boomer" years where the working population was large compared to the Pensioner population (Remember a significant number were lost in the war too).

Now we have the opposite problem, with the workforce shrinking (made worse by those that wont work) where does the money come from for pensions and to pay for the older generations care?  

One way is to increase the working population who will then pay taxes to cover this "ponzi" scheme.

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11.11 ymb "Decreasing birth rates"That was not Boris's plan.


Something like 500,000 of the "immigrants" were students. Richy has reduced the number by not allowing families of students in.


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11.50 Richy Has not reduced the number of immigrants into the Uk .Where are you getting your figures from ?.


The keynote is:

As of January 2024, most international students are prevented from bringing accompanying family members with them during studies in the UK

This new rule coincides with a 44% drop overall in study visa applications, led by a sharp decrease in the number of applications from accompanying dependants, in the first three months of 2024


If there has been failure so far it'll have been because of westminster government inaction and wreckers creating obstacles. Brexit gave us the chance of fixing it but the above 2 groups have prevented progress. Get Farage in as PM and that'd change.

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