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Police Commissioner Voting

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AB Editor | 11:26 Wed 07th Nov 2012 | News
62 Answers

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  • No - 333 votes
  • 87%
  • Yes - 48 votes
  • 13%

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I have absolutely no idea what "police commissioner" is - therefore have voted "no"! :-/
I won't be voting, as I disagree that a politician should hold the position.
There is information out there - but unlike with local and general elections, there is no historical precedent upon which to base your views. In the short term, the choice is often being defaulted to which political party you might support - and that should not be the reason why you vote for a PCC.

Their role is ill-defined. What they are designed to replace is ill-defined. Their own plans for what they wish to achieve are reduced to vague soundbite platitudes.And, at least for my own constituency, the candidates are equally unappealing.

At the moment it seems to be and expensive waste of time. :)

A couple of links that may be useful;

Background information and detail on the role of a PCC

Your local candidates by postcode;
I'm thinking of going down and spoiling my ballot paper.

I've heard about candidates saying they won't let "their police be used to enforce the badger cull"

This is not a good precident for what will come
BBC daily politics today 12 noon on BBC2 is focusing on the upcoming PCC elections, for any who are interested :)
It makes one wonder if these people are for real.

I refer of course to the quango that got together and decided all this would be a good idea.

They then send out polling cards and later an eight page booklet which contains no information whatsoever who one's local candidates are, or any background information on them, yes one can go on-line for this information, that is of course if one has the facilities, or one can phone for that information to be sent.

But why do we need these Police & Crime Commissioners in the first place, are there not officials in place already to whom one can complain if they have a problem?

Also could anyone explain why London is excluded from this election, have they already got Police and Crime Commissioners, and if so why were they so 'gifted' when the rest of England and Wales were not?
I always vote, but I have no intention of voting for this office.

I hope the turnout will be pathetically low and the legitimacy of the commissioners elected will be diminished.

A very bad idea. I object to the Americanisation and the Politicisation of the Police. I imagine Labour will get the most Commissioners, so I have no idea why a Coalition Government would introduce it
// why London is excluded from this election //

The London Assembly and Boris already carry out this function in the capital.
when is voting?
Interested enough to follow Lazygun's helful link, I found that three of the five candidates in my area, had nothing to say.

eg We're disappointed to report that James XXXX has not yet provided an introductory statement to
Stephen XXX has not yet provided us with a manifesto document.

So my vote on this poll remains a "no" and my plans not to vote next week remain unchanged.
I am suspicious of the motives behind this. A lot of money (£100m) is being spent to promote a Police and Crimes Commissioner in all the 41 police areas. Why it has to be an MP makes me wonder if there aren't other motives behind this. The Home Office could just have easily nominate 41 Police Chiefs especially to do this job. I've seen a few newspaper articles and the reasons for having a PCC doesn't sound convincing to me. Plus the system of voting for this election is very similar to the Alternative Vote that was rejected by referendum earlier this year.
I'm with squarebear. It's not right that a politician, no matter how good or bad, should be holding such a role.

Anyway, what will all the Chief Constables be doing after next week - traffic patrols?
Not informed about anything here, so I'll be voting for Luscious Lynsey - a local police-uniformed stripagram....she'll do a much better job :0)
Another waste of money.
What's the point?
I'll be surprised if the turnout is over 20% .Load of bullocks.
It's not difficult to find out who the commissioner candidates are in you area. This link might be helpful The main question is why are they considered necessary?
Sorry, was there information putting each candidate's case ? Must have missed my house out.
Folk should not be expected to have Internet connection and need to go search for the information. It's a community right to be informed as they are needed to be.
It makes no sense to me to vote for someone allied to any political party. We've got an independent candidate who is a retired cop, and he's getting my vote - at least he knows a bit about what police officers do.
//I'm with squarebear. It's not right that a politician, no matter how good or bad, should be holding such a role//

Me too, I don't know any of the people up for the vote in our area, what is the point in voting, it is like sticking a pin in to vote. Ridiculous idea.

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