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Police Commissioner Voting

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AB Editor | 11:26 Wed 07th Nov 2012 | News
62 Answers

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  • No - 333 votes
  • 87%
  • Yes - 48 votes
  • 13%

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"The turnout will be miserably low. Many people who normally vote are staying away because they do not know who the candidates are or what they stand for. I have encouraged those I know to enter a protest vote, i.e. 'None of these'. A sizeable number of doing so would show how undemocratic this election is.
Also, I though we had rejected AV in a referendum but it is being imposed in the election. ‘They’ just don’t get it, do they?"

Seemingly not, and I thought that Heath was a crap Tory PM - little did I know!
No real explanation has been given on how the process will ACTUALLY work. Will the PCC have a team? How much will the system cost to run? How will weknow the decisions, and how they have been reached? Who will be advising the PCC? One person can't do it all!!
We had two lacklustre choices. I didn't bother.
The cost of PCC's is said to be £100m. Wages are between £65.000-£100.000 per year for the 41 authorities. I suppose the offices and staff and equipment will be extra, not to mention the cost of running a consultation for a 5 year policing plan by the PCCs in each area. Then election time again after 4 years to choose the next Sheriff (Pcc) in your area.
I was going to vote but decided to wash my hair instead, I know more about shampoo than I do about PCC candidates.
Holy apathy Batman! seems the turnout for PCC voting was as low, if not lower than expected.

They're discussing it on the radio along with the line 'if you dont vote then you cant complain'. So thats the only reason for voting - moaning rights?

People dont go out to vote because nothings changes regardless of your vote. We all read the blurb on the candidates and know its just lip service.
Just said on Sky News that counting will start at 9.30am, should have the results by 9.40am then! ;)
Turnouts running at 10-15% says the Today programme.
Hardly a thumping mandate or a ringing popular endorsement of change
Agree with those criticising the role of pcc and all that comes with it. We also had a vote today for city mayor. When the city voted as to whether they wanted one, turnout was less than 15%. Bu t of course abstention counts as yes.
A lit schools were closed, or not providing meals" causing parents to have to take tIme off. Infuriatingly ridiculous.
Oops, they've upped to 10-20%

Question Author
It's a disgrace really. The poor turnout is a mandate for scrapping the idea.

Thank you to everyone who entered the discussion here. It has been interesting to read of the dissatisfaction felt by many.

Like many of you I spoke to the ladies who run the polling operation in my area - they said the turnout was terrible, really terrible.
No, we don't know enough about these people to vote.
I heard on the news at 2pm that there was one polling station that didn't have a single voter all day!
Newport, South Wales.

This omnishambles sums up the Coalition.

A bad idea, badly executed and of no benefit yo anybody.
Ab Editor.

I must congratulate you on your polling accuracy.

87% is very close to the number of people who didn't bother to vote.
What struck me as interesting about all these elections is the level of support for UKIP. Whilst still a long way from translating that support into representation they are clearly now in a position to do the Conservative Party some serious damage. Unless the Tories come to some rapprochement with them they can kiss the next election goodbye. Do not forget that the scale of Labour's victory in 1997 was greatly enhanced by the contribution of the Referendum Party. We live in interesting times. If I were Cameron I'd be watching my back. Remember that Cameron was not the choice of Tory MPs for leader, and some are just biding their time.
At the time of my retirement from the police service, some 30 odd years ago , those within the service considered it a non-political organisation but nowadays it seems more and more like a tool of the government.
What planet is David Cameron on exactly. He dismissed the by-election defeats as 'a classic mid-term result'.

What a wally!

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Police Commissioner Voting

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