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Police Commissioner elections.

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askyourgran | 23:00 Tue 06th Nov 2012 | News
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Does anyone have any misgivings about this new Police and Crimes Commissioner? I feel sceptical about the whole set-up. Apart from the fact that it is a Political intervention into police matters - which leads me to think that the piper plays the tune - once the Politicians have a foot in the door they can dictate where the Police are told to go. Police State?? Also I seem to recall that we rejected the Alternative Vote by referendum earlier this year, but the vote we are asked to give is going to be used in the same way as an AV. Can this be legal if it has been rejected? This whole thing is being dumbed down and bits of information about the candidates and the process of voting is given in an obscure way. I'm not going to vote for PCC I don't agree with it -but what else can you do? People such as John Prescott are raring to pick up between £65.000 to £100.000 pa. for this scheme.


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People didn't fight for the right to vote so that it would be used just for the sake of it. The democratic process has been ignored and the public have been treated with a lack of respect. I won't be voting because I have not been included in the process.
08:48 Wed 07th Nov 2012
I think it's all a load of BS to be honest AYG, I don't like the idea of positions being elected in this way, will we end up like the states where decisions are made on whether or not they are a vote winner. This will be the first election I've never voted in.
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That's what I think rocky, already cut and dried whatever we do. There are 41 authorities so it's going to cost a lot to set up. Money that could be given to the Police to work it out themselves instead of cuts. I'm not voting either.
I doubt I'll vote - I have no idea who any of the candidates are.
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They are all MP's boxy. In our area there are four candidates the favourite is an ex Policeman, Labour, another is a woman a Tory. Another is an ex copper Independent whose brother has been investigated for fraud and subsequently him too, I think he's had to come clean about this in case it goes against his chance of winning (which it has). The fourth is another Independent candidate that we know nothing about. At £5.000 each to join the race for a term of 4 years.
I rang the help line to see if it was essential to vote for two people (you can vote for your first and second choice. The choices were so poor, as you have said gran, that I only had one choice. The woman said it was okay, so I just voted for one, and that was only because I knew her slightly. What a waste of time, paper, and money.
Sorry, should have said I have a postal vote, so my vote has already been done.
Yes, I do have some reservations about the whole process. I would question just how democratic the process is if you have a very low turnout, and all the indicators would suggest that this is likely to be the case.

I can sort of sympathise with the original idea behind having a police and crime commissioner. They will be taking on and expanding the role of the current police authorities, which are for most people an anonymous organisation. The idea is to offer an easily recognised and contactable individual, whose remit is to engage with local communities and develop localised policing priorities, and in turn communicate these desires to the police.
Thats the theory, but it seems a big gamble to me. I do not know, for example, if they will replace the current police authority framework, or will they just add another layer of bureaucracy and expense - nevermind the expense of having elections every 5 years or so. I would also like to know a lot more about the proposed salary and expenses.Given that prospective candidates have to stump up £5,000, it does tend to exclude independent candidates in favour of those who have the machinery of a political party behind them, so there is that concern that this will politicize the whole process.

I will probably vote, because I hate to waste a vote, but I have seen a clip of my local PCC candidates (Hertfordshire) and I was not impressed by their lack of knowledge of the current policing staff and budget, or their vagueness when it came to what they would bring to the role.
I agree with lazygun and I only voted because I hate to waste it. Many people in the past fought hard to get us the vote and we should use it.
I posted about this on another thread somewhere .
I discussed it with my brother who's an ex copper .I thought if anyone would vote on this he would ,but no he won't and he held forth about it at some great length !
He says it 's jobs for the boys and a gravy train for people like Mr Prescott .
He said of one of our candidates that he wouldn't trust to him look after his push bike for five minutes let alone run a commission.
I won't be voting either .It'll probably be damp squib the same as the elected mayor thing .People didn't want a Boris in every town .
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It will be the first time I have not used a vote. This is a Political move and Cameron/Clegg is adamant about it, like it or lump it. The AV vote was one of Cleggs babies which fell on stony ground, but is now resurrected for this voting process. Which makes me suspicious of the real motives behind politicising the Police. The face of the Police force doesn't need an MP or Baron aka Prescott to tell us that they will put things right for us. Why couldn't it be an ordinary Chief of Police?
I won't be voting, but not out of apathy.
I sympathise with those of you who have decided not to vote. I'm sure the suffragettes would not disapprove if they knew this was just another way of making your voice heard and not through apathy.
I chose to vote, albeit reluctantly, so that I had the right to complain to my MP if it turns out that the whole plan was a bad idea, as I suspect it will be.
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People didn't fight for the right to vote so that it would be used just for the sake of it. The democratic process has been ignored and the public have been treated with a lack of respect. I won't be voting because I have not been included in the process.
Both my wife and I plan to spoil our ballot papers.

Leave policing to the Police, not politicians.
I'm with boxtops. We have had polling cards but no information on any of the candidates, or their policies.

How can we therefore vote for an anonymous name just on a party political basis?

OH and I will NOT be voting.
Vote, but destroy your ballot paper. That way you can display your anger/disapproval.

Not voting just merges with apathy and no one will care. If sufficient papers are destroyed then they will have to take notice.
I too think there's been a distinct lack of information.
I intend not to vote. I am hoping for a very low turnout. That will send the loudest message that we think this is a waste of time.

I don't think the suffragettes had Police Commissioners in mind when they were throwing themselves under the King's racehorses.
I filed my Polling card in the shredder the day it came through the door, there is not one candidate worth a light in our area imo.

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Police Commissioner elections.

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