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amanda knox

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kinkajou2 | 20:50 Mon 03rd Oct 2011 | News
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Tense activity in the courtroom now
I have just learned that Miss Knox"s mobile phone was turned off,as was
her boyfriends mobile,for 10 hours around the time of the murder.
Apparently this was unprecedented during her stay in Italy.
Did she at least know something was about to happen to Meredith Kercher

Not Guilty then!!!


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Bog off - you are making me puke. Pathetic.
I make two tiny typos and you pile down my throat. Then you have the audacity to make one yourself. Get real, man.
not too much up on this case, but was there a mention of a knife with blood and someones fingerprints or dna? I also think She was innocent, sex games do not usually include murder as this shortens the enjoyment. ( so I am told)

There's already been a film (obviously not with the latest developments).
I suppose Amanda Knox should be released if there are such doubts as these. Someone should only be incarcerated for life if the case has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt. Whether Amanda Knox was actually involved in the murder or not, then if the prosecution case is made unsafe by such major doubts then it's wrong to convict.

Then of course, that leaves the case unanswered for the family of the victim. Who exactly did kill Meredith Kercher in this awful manner?
kinkajou, I don't think JJ is envisaging making an actual profit from the trial - she contributed freely. She is also free to spend her money in a casino if she wants; it's hers.

She is entitled to feel satisfied if she contributed to justice being done, too. I presume you think it hasn't been, though I don't know why.
Andyvon, Rudi Guede killed her, already in the nick.
Andyvon: possibly Guede, who opted for a reduced trial and was found guilty. But how strong the actual evidence against him was, who knows?
I believe it was conclusive but JJ will know better than me.
I am pleased that justice has been done.

I am pleased for Amanda and Raf ... free at last.

I am pleased for the Kerchers ... they can finally rest easy, knowing that their daughter's flat mate was not, after all, involved in her death.

We should, at the same time, feel deep sympathy for the Kerchers for the devastating loss of her daughter.
ladybirder, as I recall he was tried in private; but as you say, JJ will know more.
Thankyou Ladybirder. I wasn't too clear with my post.

I know he's the drifter who was sentenced to 16 years so I'm sure he was responsible for the murder. I was alluding to the Kercher family who must still have questions about Amanda Knox's involvement. However, it was right she was released as there were always such doubts.
It was a fastrack trial (not, as I said earlier a guilty plea) where he gave up the right to challenge the evidence in return for a lesser sentence. No idea why anyone would do this unless they didn't have any sensible challenges to the evidence. And when arrested he did say he was wanting to turn himself in.
How strong was the evidence against Guede?

Well, his DNA was found in copious quantities both all over Meredith's room, and also on, and in, Meredith.

And he confessed to having stabbed Meredith in the neck.

It was ... quite strong evidence.
quite strong; but accurate? Other evidence in the case seems not to have been, for various reasons.
So has the prosecution asked for an appeal - sounds like that they are on very dodgy ground - does she get immediate release in Italy, JJ?
Someone killed Meredith and that person knows what happened. Amanda Knox was a roommate her and her boyfriend know something happened I hope they can all live with their conscience.
jno ...

The Knox evidence was not accurate because, for example, they were trying desperately to find even the teeniest, weeniest trace of Amanda's DNA in Meredith's bedroom. They couldn't. Because ... she'd never been there!

So they came up with stupid stories about miniscule traces on bra clasps, etc etc.

However, Guede's DNA was plastered ALL over the room, all over Meredith's body, inside her body ... everywhere ... tons of it.

It was a totally different scenario.
DTC ... yep, she goes home.

But a word of caution to everyone ... avoid Italy for a while. Gulio Mignini will be livid, and desperate to find a new victim to restore his reputation.

If you are in the wrong place, at the wrong time ... you could be his next innocent victim!!!
The case is still unsolved .From what i heard on the news rudi guede was convicted but the italian court accepted that he DID NOT slit merediths throat.
So as far as i see thats a case of case still unsolved.Am i wrong?
I dislike knix , a;ways have , and if i was on the jury of 6 i would hav convicted her.
Thats merely my opinion , but then on a jury your own opinion is all that matters.

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