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Is the front page of the express correct?

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BrainsTracy | 17:23 Mon 03rd Oct 2011 | News
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Do most want out of the EU? How would you vote in a referendum?


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The UK belongs in the EU - they are our main trading partners
I would vote to come out. I voted not to enter in the first place
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that's not what I asked.
As a business owner I would vote to stay in the EU.
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my answer at 17:27 was for kinkajou2
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yes NOX but do you think "most want out" as per the headline?

further to that does anyone think for a minute that the commons will actually allow the public a referendum on this?
well I guess I would vote to stay in the EU - what do you think!??
What fourteen said ..
I dunno Brains, I don;t and that's really all I can comment on. I do know that the majority of people who are unhappy about anything are the ones who are the most vociferous, so I imagine the happy amongst us don't really make our views known as well on the subject.
I don't believe scandal papers like the Express but I think the reason people want out is because of all the petty bureaucracy and the fact that it's become a gravy train .
People are very quick to believe what the press tells them .
I would vote to stay in but purely for trade and business as it was originally set up to be and not so much kowtowing to Brussels and their ridiculous laws like straight bananas and other such piffle :)
Otherwise the only other choice is to hang onto the coat tails of America and I know whose coat tails I would rather hang on to .
The Express is little more than a rabble-rousing rag - Richard Desmond
a.k.a. Dirty Desmond controls its editorial content - I think that you can take his views with a "pinch of salt"
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I don't see why we have to be immersed in a superstate, I'm all for trading agreements and cooperation, the original Common Market for example.
That we get out as fast as humanly possible. It won't happen, but one can dream
@shaneystartwo Rather hold on to the winner,sick and tired of eu
Out, the sooner the better.

"The UK belongs in the EU - they are our main trading partners"

why couldnt we trade from outside ? we trade with other countries that arent in the EU
another poll by the same outfit reveals Britons equally divided between red sauce and brown sauce on their sausage sandwiches


Just one more vote for brown sauce and we can demand a ban on red sauce forever.
BT, that was the original EEC, but now we are embroiled in something that i am sure politicians didn't envisage, at least those who were instrumental in joining the EEC, for trading purposes in the early days, closer ties, but not to have fundamental British laws challenged and changed by an unelected governing body. It's lost it's original remit, and i for one would say that we could leave the EU and still trade with our neighbours in Europe, and then of course China, India, massive markets opening up there, which other countries like Russia will happily exploit. So we won't end up the losers as predicted by the Europhiles all along.
incidentally, although the Express says 51% - a majority - want out, the pollsters themselves say it's 47%, which isn't a majority


I don't know where the Express figure comes from
jno, no one would know because they haven't asked the people, had a referendum, something the coalition seem hellbent on avoiding.

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Is the front page of the express correct?

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