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amanda knox

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kinkajou2 | 20:50 Mon 03rd Oct 2011 | News
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Tense activity in the courtroom now
I have just learned that Miss Knox"s mobile phone was turned off,as was
her boyfriends mobile,for 10 hours around the time of the murder.
Apparently this was unprecedented during her stay in Italy.
Did she at least know something was about to happen to Meredith Kercher

Not Guilty then!!!


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From what little I've read (and I've not really been following all that much) the DNA evidence collection and testing was woefully inadequate and fell well below accepted international standards.
jj, could you look at my post. thanks
Justice at last for Amanda! Why were the Italians allowed to jail this innocent girl. I hope they don't go begging to America when their economy collapses.
jno ... there was never any evidence to collect ... that was the whole point.

The only thing that was clumsy was that, before collecting ANY evidence at all, Prosecutor Mignini had held a Press conference saying that Amanda and Raffaele were involved.

From that point on, instead of looking at the evidence and trying to work out who wwas involved, they had to somehow twist the evidence to "fit" with the people whom they already had in custody.

They got it wrong. They always had it wrong.
AA, I've just read your post - whilst the Kercher family (for whom I have the utmost sympathy) might have believed that Knox and her bf were guilty, this will undoubted have been as a result of what they were told by the prosecuting authority. One should also look at the psychology of being the family of a victim and it is difficult to accept that you have been through several years of pain and anguish to find the alleged killer not guilty.

Ultimately it is the findings of the judge and jury that really matter in determining guilt - although it is the feelings of the family which everyone should have a thought for.
barney ... she's innocent ... give her a break!

anne ... the Kercher family were completely duped by the Italian authorities. They were led to believe that their poor daughter's death had involved a perverted "sex game gone wrong".

It is totally unlikely that Meredith would ever have got into a situation like that.

The Italian authorities have done the Kercher family a gross disservice.
Try to avoid being called for jury service Barney.
barmaid, thanks for reply. i feel so sorry for the kercher family.
The whole world should feel sorry for the Kercher family.

Their daughter was horribly murdered by Rudy Guede, who stabbed poor Meredith to death.

The prosecution should have pressed for a long sentence for Guede. But the idiot prosecution went off on a complete wild goose chase, and let Guede off with 16 years ... of which he will serve 8.

Was poor Meredith's life only worth 8 years?

The Italian prosecution have a lot to answer for.
I wonder what Barney's views were to the Jo Yates case and the Landlord - plenty condemned him on here......

At least justice has been done and if JJ is correct then the prosecutor really has much to answer and perhaps he should share a cell with one Mr Silvio Berlusconi shortly, if both are found guilty in what is obviously a very fair judiciary system presented with overwhelming well-constructed and accurate evidence.
see, if Italy had the death sentence, as many ABers advocate...
I do think that is the nub of this JJ. Guede was encouraged to turn "state's evidence" in return for a lighter sentence. Hell, he'd pleaded guilty - what sort of a carrot on a stick was this for him?! What did he have to lose? What did he have to gain?...........
JJ is right. Prosecutor does have a lot to answer for.

Yeah .. Barney would soon have had Jo Yates's landlord locked up.
DTC ...

The prosecutor, Gulio Mignini, has already been convicted of perverting the course of justice, and fabricating false evidence (in connection with the case he "handled" before Amanda's).

The only reason he is not in prison is that he has also appealed.

His appeal will probably fail and, in due course, he will be in prison.
We are going to have to make you an Italian defence lawyer, JJ.

Jayne Jogger, Dottore magistrale in Giurisprudenza - kinda sounds cute, doesn't it?
in truth i dont think we will ever know what really happened.

I wonder if I'll get my money back now?

I contributed to Amanda's defence fund when her family ran out of money.

(before Donald Trump arrived on the scene).

Maybe I'll get a cheque from the Italian prosecution, ha ha ha.

If I do, I'm going to take it to the casino, and blow the lot !!!
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really do not understand what your problem is, kinkajou? Care to elaborate?
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