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Amanda Knox Conrad Murray

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joggerjayne | 20:17 Tue 27th Sep 2011 | News
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Well, I studied enough of the Amanda Knox case to be convinced that Amanda and Rafaelle's conviction was the most disgusting media hatchet job, and miscarriage of justice.

And now, Conrad Murray has gone on trial.

Is he the victim of a frenzied media and public, who cannot accept that Jacko pressed the self destruct button years ago? Or is he a cunning murderer?


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I don't think Jacko wanted to die, was it just a dreadful accident, rather than murder? I don't know - and does it really matter now?
Question Author
"does it really matter now? "

Well, it matters if Dr Murray croaked him !
JJ what about Knox saying Lumumba? did it?

Being Jacko's doctor must have been a nightmare job.
What if Dr Murray gave Jacko the medication as Jacko ordered him to. Who is to know now? It was obviously accidental, what would he have gained by murdering him.
I think it was a dreadful medical error, by the sounds of it at the time it happened - what would be gained by murdering him
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ladybirder ...

This is meant to be about Murray.

But, if you want to know about the Lamumba statement ...

Knox was arrested, and gave a statement saying she knew nothing (the truth).

The Police continued to interrogate her for two days. She still said she knew nothing (the truth).

After three days, she was sleep deprived, hungry, and without legal representation. The Police told her that unless she had any explanation for how it happened, she would go to jail (a lie ... it is not her job to solve the case).

The Police had, on several previous occasions, arrested Lamumba on spurious charges. They wanted to nail him.

The Police told Amanda to try to imagine a scenario. Maybe it was Patrick. Try to think. Could it have been Patrick. Maybe you heard Patrick Lamumba that night?

Amanda, after three days of pressure, said yes yes, okay, maybe that's what happened.

The Police went and arrested Lamumba, and blamed Amanda for framing him.

In truth, she had given two statements which di not involve Lamumba in any way whatsoever, before the Police coerced the ridiculous Lamumba story out of her.

The whole "Lamumba accusation" is one of the most appalling parts of the whole Amanda Knox farce.
Soz JJ but I do find the Knox case gripping and I did mention Jacko's doctor as well (in mitigation:-). I have no idea what the truth is re Knox but keep hearing snippets on the news. As you want to talk about Murray I won't ask any more ?s about Amanda. X
George V was murdered by his doctor, so I suppose Jacko could have been kinvoluntarily manslaughtered, although obviously he was a much more important person. But I'm not sure about the self-destruct button - you could see it coming with Amy Winehouse, but not really with Jacko.
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Question Author
Oh, I'm sorry, ladybirder.

My reply looks a bit grumpy. Now I feel bad.

Obviously I am fascinated by the Knox case, but I didn't want to bore everyone by going on about it.

Sometimes, you can't believe everything you read in the Press.

In the case of Amanda Knox, you can't believe ANYTHING you read, because the information is drip fed by the Italian prosecution.

Read my next post if you want to know why I became so intrigued by Amanda's case (intrigued enough to send money to her Defence fund when her parents ran out of money).

Watch this space ...
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I agree with you JJ Amanda and Raffaelle are innocent. The forensics prove it. I saw an American documentary about this case recently on CBS and it confirmed what I saw in a British documentary. The family of the murdered girl seem convinced that they did it though, but wouldn't they be better focusing on getting the right murderer caught and punished?
He's a cunning murderer... but just a puppet working for the powers that be.

There's too much evidence against him. Like the fact he attempted CPR on Jacksons BED! Anyone who's done first aid, knows this *must* be performed on a hard/stable surface.. i.e a floor.
Then there's how long it took him to actually call 911... the list goes on and on.

I'm not a massive MJ fan, and don't believe he was whiter than white... but I do believe he was murdered.
Jno, so how was George V murdered, he was given drugs to ease his passing, something that many doctors and medical practioners have done over the years. And it's what is being advocated in regards to people who are terminally ill. He was dying, it was just a question of time.
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I believe the George V thing was that the announcement of the Kings death would not appear in the evening papers!
Oh, and as for Knox... she's a cold-blooded, demonised, she-devil.
As to the OP, i don't think Ms Knox is innocent, but as i wasn't there, and not a witness to the event, cannot base it on anything other than the various reports, and tv news.
murder is murder, em. There was no suggestion that the king had asked for it to be done, and in fact the nurse looking after him refused to do it (the doctor who did do it, in a subsequent House of Lords vote, opposed euthanasia). He could perfectly well have been left to die naturally. In fact it was done as nungate says: so it would get in The Times next morning, not in the next evening's papers.
Question Author
Once upon a time, there was a Guardian journalist who was arrested in Italy on some absurd charges, for a crime he didn't commit.

He was held for several days, and only released when he used his trump card, revelaed he was a journalist, and said he was going to expose the corruption within the Italian justice system.

The investigator who had wrongly arrested him was called Gulio Mignini.

Not long afterwards, Gulio Mignini popped up in the Press again. He was prosecuting 40 innocent people, and he had dreamed up some hare brained story about a "satanic sex ritual".

I thought ... oh god, it's that mad Italian again.

The thing you have to know about Gulio Mignini is that he is a religious zealot, who makes the Pope look like an atheist. He is the stuff that The Inquisition was made of. His head is full of satanic sex fantasies.

As a result of his prosecution of those 40 innocent Italians, Gulio Mignini was convicted of criminal corruption, and (wait for it ...) fabricating false evidence.

But, despite his conviction for fabricating false evidence, he still holds office (yes, only in Italy could that happen!).

Well, one day, an American student, who seemed an unlikely culprit, was arrested for a horrible murder.

The investigator who arrested her was ... Gulio Mignini (he of the "satanic sex ritual" fantasies).

Within 24 hours, Mignini had held a Press conference. Without any evidence whatsoever, he announced to the world's Press that this was ... wait for it ... a "satanic sex game" which had "gone wrong". The Press LOVED it ... and the "evil Knox" fantasy was born.

And it lives on, on the cover of today's Daily Mail !

The perverted, corrupt fantasist had struck again.

Before any of the evidence was even gathered, I thought ... Amanda Knox and Rafaelle Sollecito are going to get stitched up here! And, sure enough, they have been.

Amanda and Rafaelle are innocent.

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