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amanda knox

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kinkajou2 | 20:50 Mon 03rd Oct 2011 | News
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Tense activity in the courtroom now
I have just learned that Miss Knox"s mobile phone was turned off,as was
her boyfriends mobile,for 10 hours around the time of the murder.
Apparently this was unprecedented during her stay in Italy.
Did she at least know something was about to happen to Meredith Kercher

Not Guilty then!!!


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Jogger Jayne who was convinced of Knox's innocence.
Looks like there may be an appeal by the prosecution, but i can't see it being
fair point, jack
I wonder if she did a cartwheel in the courtroom again..
The Police didn't botch the operation.

The only person who, from the beginning, has been totally at fault, was that insane, lunatic prosecutor, Gulio Mignini, with his perverted "satanic sex game" fantasies.

He is a religious fanatic, and a devil worship fantasist.

The Police were just doing their job (although yes, they were incompetent).

Everyone's hearts go out to the poor Kerchers ... including Amanda's.

The Kerchers were disgracefully let down by the Italian authorities, who pursued this laughable and ludicrous case against two of Meredith's friends, simply to support the ego of a sick Italian prosecutor, Gulio Mignini. Because of Mignini's sick fantasies, the world's attention was distracted away from the real killer ... Rudy Guede ... who, because of Mignini's plea bargaining, will walk free after serving just 8 years.

The whole thing has been a total farce from day one.
Question Author
There had been a Jet,ready to "High-it" outta Perugia all evening!!
Botched and Face saving?
Question Author
sorry, "High-tail"
who's on it, kinkajou?
sara3 has just summed up the entirety of the "evidence" against Amanda ...

"She was a light hearted person, so she must have committed murder."

That, quite literally ... was the entirety of the "evidence" against Amanda.
Disney or even better Dreamworks, "here she comes."
2 things got her off.... a million dollar plus PR campaigne and diplomatic pressure on the Italian government from the yanks (bet you there was)
The film and book rights being negotiated as se speak no doubt.
your support for her does you great credit, JJ
please correct me if im wrong............. i get the impression that the kercher family thought the two accused were guilty.
wasn't the cartwheel in the police station, after being hauled in, i confess i haven't been following the case as such.
So you dish out shyte when someone else makes a small typo or two and corrects the bit that could cause misunderstanding (leaving a letter off hear(t)) but not the other - I think we understood "high-it" just as folk would understand Kurcher.
Question Author
Who is on the Jet? me think,Amanda Knox and every Major US broadcast co. rep.
barney ...

What "got her off" was a complete and utter lack of any credible evidence whatsoever to suggest that she had been involved ... which I'm absolutely convinced she was not.
The tv stations have been lining up for ages, as have the book deals, and film companies, so expect to be swamped for some time to come.
fine by me, kinkajou - she's earned it. She's been behind bars a while for something she didn't do. If it happened to you, I'd be happy for you to sell your story to anyone who'd buy it.

JJ, it does seem clumsy collection of evidence was a factor in the acquittal?
jj correct barney. I've also believed this all along too.

You think governmental pressure? lol
She will be on every chat show in the US plus the Book and Film rights, Who says crime doesn't pay. And JJ her behaviour pre and post trial suggests she knew more than she has been letting on. The media circus got her off, the US always look after their own.

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