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The Disappeared Baroness Mone..

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gulliver1 | 14:16 Tue 09th Apr 2024 | Politics
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Where has she gone to ?. Where is Boris, Cameron and Gove hiding her.Why is it taking so long for the Crime Agency to bring this Tory Cheat and her Husband to trial .Where is Michelle Mone Is she hiding under Boris's bed?.



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Why is this 'news'?

My 4 year old grandson can use capitals and punctuation properly gulliver, it's not that hard.  


You've posted this in news by mistake.  Try Chatterbank.

At her home on the tax haven Isle of Man. Probably looking at catalogues for a new yahct.

The Daily Mail is more interested in Angela Rayner MP's financials than Baroness Michelle Mone's ... I can't imagine why.

Would that be because Angela Rayner is trying to become Deputy PM perhaps?

The difficulty for Rayner is that she has often been the one leading attacks on Tory politicians for police investigations and questions on tax. In many of these cases, her first response is to call for them to resign. The police have already said they are reviewing a decision not to investigate the claims about whether Rayner broke the rules and now the HMRC could open its own investigation. If that happens, would her position become untenable?

Only one of them is involved in a Parliamentary inquiry ... why would that be, I wonder.

And whatever happened to this, I wonder ...

Rayner has long since challenged Tory MPs or the PMs wife to disclose their tax affairs and show some transparency. Now the boots on the other foot.Put up Rayner or shut up.Is this an example of Starmers pledge to clean up politics if they get in power. So far that doesn't look convincing and our former CPS barrister not slow in telling us of his illustrious career in Law has not even seen the 'advice' she claims her accountant gave her to claim is all above board yet supports her and trusts her.

Gulliver seems to have gone missing since his thread was hijacked (rightly) about Raynergate. 

Turning a profit is not a crime Gullz

Hi Gullz !  -  she is hiding - She cd be a shepherdess and Boris dress up as a sheep -  baaaa !

God anything interesting gets zapped - A Gaza thread had a life slighter shorter than a Gaza baby.

and we are treated to the restorative  thin gruel of Andy and Naomi fighting like ( two fighting things) over some minutia

long live AB !

Quite right Stableford and Retro. 

People in glass houses should NEVER throw stones.


I've already said this, but I think she's taking the public for mugs in seriously expecting us to believe that this was her main residence when her husband AND her kids were living in a house only a mile away. "Hi kids, lovely to see you, I'm now going home to my  real home". Come on, she must think we came down in the last shower.


I've seen at least one person on this site excuse it and give her a pass because the tax was only £1500. IF it was evasion the amount is immaterial.


She could clear up this mess very easily by publishing the advice she said she received and (as she's screeched for Tories to do in the past) disclose her tax returns. She's refusing  to do so - why is that?

14:17, why are you asking and not removing?

Taking an awful long time clearing her name.....

I see the Daily Mail is quite influential ...

I was hoping for a reply from Gulliver, TTT, to enable me to decide whether to leave the thread here or ask the Ed to move it to a more appropriate section.  There's no question of removing it.

Question Author

The NCA is still examining a £3 million payment made to the Disgraced Tory Baroness. After this Typical Tory Liar said that her current husband had no connections at all to do with PPE Medro.Which was a consortium led by her husband Barrowman.

Gulliver, I'll ask the Eds to move your thread tomorrow - or sooner if one of them is still around now.

well - will you be sued for libel, Gulliver, and expose AB to the action as well? can't go around and accuse folk of being liars with out concrete proof and, on this, you always have a paucity in Spades when you are duly challenged. What hard proof do you have now to justify your accusation?

Answer - 'No response.'

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The Disappeared Baroness Mone..

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