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Another Government Failure

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Canary42 | 11:35 Sat 10th Feb 2024 | Politics
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Wasting money and murdering hundreds of innocent badgers unnecessarily.

Is there no end to the areas which this Government's bungling has adversely interfered with.




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So an opponent claims it's a failure. What do the farmers think?

I think canary is turning into hymie!

badgers carry TB - and infect cows - and TB milk is bad

Like Guinea pigs ( which were used as a live er assay for TB) they do not mount a fibrous response to the bacillus, and a little spreads a lot.

This is a bit pathological and I am not sure how to explain to an eager AB audience - badgie, boo-boo, bang bang, boo-hoo is a first try 

they don't half make a mess of your car if you crash into one!

There is bovine TB on the islw of man yet there are no Badgers

"There is bovine TB on the islw of man yet there are no Badgers"

Peas are green but not all green things are peas.

Badgers cause TB, webbo, but not all TB is caused by badgers.

I know two wrongs ( if you think it is wrong) don't make a right but more fuss seems to be made of badger culls than culls of other animals.

I'm gonna open a badger shop on the IoM!

Regarding IoM , badgers are the main cause nationally but not the only way cows can be infected

Obviously wasn't going to be a great success. One needs to target the disease not those who have it. Especially when the creature targeted instead are incentivised to rush around the country trying to avoid getting killed.

Well, nma, possibly because other culls have valid reasons.

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Another Government Failure

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