Matt Hancock Gave It A Miss Today

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teacake44 | 21:29 Thu 04th Jun 2020 | Politics
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I wonder why, may be he didn't want to be the one to advise the wearing of face masks after months of ignoring them, unlike other countries. Its taken a world record death rate for the penny to drop. Sheesh.


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Alternative thread title: An announcement on public transport was made by the Transport Secretary.
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Let someone else do the dirty work then
The vast majority of the evidence shows that social distancing (alone) reduces the transmission rate of Covid-19 by around 75%.

The evidence also seems to show that when social distancing is NOT maintained (possibly when it's impossible to do so, as on a crowder Tube train), wearing a face covering reduces the transmission rate of Covid-19 by no more than 15% at the very most. Wearing a face covering when social distancing IS maintained seems to add VERY little, if anything at all, to a reduction in the transmission rate of Covid-19. (It might also lead some people into a false sense of security, making them think that they need to attribute less importance to maintaining social distancing).

So there was no reason to suggest that wearing face coverings would help in the reduction in the transmission of Covid-19 while social distancing could, and should, have been maintained. It's only now (when some people will find that they can't remain two metres away from others, as when they have to use publuic transport to return to work) that it makes any sense to advise the wearing of face coverings.

Further the new advice does NOT refer to 'face masks' (as mentioned in your post), TC44. It refers only to 'face coverings'. The official advice (both from the WHO and from the Government) remains that, to avoid shortages of PPE occurring for key workers, purpose-made face masks should ONLY be worn by those who're in contact with people who're exhibiting the symptoms of Covid-19 and by certain other health workers. Everyone else should be using a suitable 'face covering', such as a scarf, when travelling on public transport.
I’ll wear something covering my face as long as Boris doesn’t. Call me names in the papers when I do it .
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21.45 Like you've said many many times before, face masks, face coverings call them what you like, same thing, reduce spread up to 15%, well that's a hell of a lot of people that could die without them. May be Hancock didn't want to face any questions on the change of mind :0)
I hope I have got it wrong but I read somewhere today, that Yesterdays coronavirus death rate in the UK, was more than all the countrys in the E/U added together ,( for yesterday,) is this true?.
you're scraping the barrel love, it's not the same person everyday anyway.
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I've given up looking because it is sickening, and so is this stupid government.
so you are basing your increasingly ridiculous point scoring posts on what exactly?
Yesterday the UK announced 359 additional deaths, and the EU27 something around 340-350. Those deaths didn't all occur on June 2nd, though, owing to various ways in which the reporting is processed, so it's misleading to talk about yesterday's death rate in the UK being greater than the EU.

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21.56 Its you that's may be scraping the barrel chucky. not got the b**** to face up to the public and admit he's got it wrong AGAIN.
thought you didn't watch it? It's not Hancock every day anyway so the whole premise of your post is flawed.
You just don't understand the statistics do you, TC44?

During the time when maintaining social distancing was possible for the vast majority of people the advices ran along these lines:

"1. Don't stand next to someone while you alone are wearing a face mask, as that won't reduce the risk of YOU contracting Covid-19 at all; it will only reduce his/her risk of contracting it by no more than 15%.

2. Don't stand next to someone while you're BOTH wearing face masks, as that will only reduce the risk for each of you of contracting Covid-19 by no more 15%.

3. Instead, step away from the other person by a distance of 2 metres. That will reduce the risk of Covid-19 being transmitted (in either direction) by around 75%. Now that you're there though, you might as well take those ruddy masks off as, at that distance, they add NOTHING AT ALL to the risk reduction factor"

I repeat that masks/coverings only have any value at all (and that's very limited anyway) when social distancing can't be maintained, which is why they're now to be required on public transport.
I see the remedial class kids are still chipping in with their asinine comments.
A downside of freedom of speech I suppose.
22.00 thanks for clarifying that JIM, it is still quite frightening though.
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22.05 Your making excuses like the government ttt you've got no argument at all now about face masks, and for the ones who have consistently said they don't make any difference, or very little, (argue this) why will they bring in fines is people don't wear them. :0))))))))
Ey up, heeeers another one!
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22.06 They will fine people if they don't wear them. End of really that says it all.

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