Trump Or Biden?

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Theland | 09:26 Fri 05th Jun 2020 | Politics
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I hope Trump wins the election in November in spite of his bad press.
Biden, the alternative, would not only be a disaster for the USA, but for the whole of the western democracies as well.
What do you think Trumps chances are?


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Biden has lost it mentally. And I genuinely don't mean that as an insult. Dementia is a terrible disease.
01:05 Sat 06th Jun 2020
Is there a third option?
Biden is a long way ahead in the polls, despite the fact that he’s been virtually anonymous for weeks until his recent speech.
Trump’s main selling point was the economy, but that’s imploded now.
So I would not be taking bets on Biden were I a bookmaker.
One reason Trump won last time was because many embittered Sanders supporters abstained or even voted for Trump. The Democrats have learned a hard lesson from that. And even in 2016, despite Clinton’s so-called unpopularity, she still outpolled him by 4 million votes. So, ...
I mean, Trump's bad press is at least partly because he hasn't done a stellar job in office...
I always believe that people/parties don't win elections; elections are lost by the opposition. In the last UK election Corbyn lost the election for labour; Trump is doing his best to lose the next US election.
Trump is fast losing the support of black voters, which he needs if he is to win the election.
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Sad and despicable is the murder of George Floyd, it is a shame that this will direct attention away from Trumps other policies, not least standing up to China.
The problem with Trump's standing up to China policy is that it seems to be very narrowly-focused, eg a lot of it has been to do with the US trade deficit -- which, bizarrely, isn't even much of a problem. Why isn't the US standing up to China on the World stage? Trump alleges that the WHO is under too much Chinese influence, but instead of announcing that the USA will step up their efforts to participate in and lead the WHO, he withdraws from it. Trump quits the Paris Treaty on Climate Change, thus allowing China to claim a leadership role there, too. All along, as I have pointed out elsewhere, Trump criticises and lambasts China as a country, but seems reluctant to criticise Xi Jinping and instead praises him at every opportunity -- this despite the principal problem with China being its leadership.

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Yes the criminal CCP needs a strong opponent, and Biden is not it.
it is already written as you might say

rev 6

Then I heard one of the four living creatures say in a voice like thunder, "Come!" 2 I looked, and there before me was a white horse! Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest.

that to me undoubtedly says Trump will be re elected in Nov 20

oh er and what are his chances - oh er one - certainty - see above
I want Trump to have another term, but I'm not sure he will get it.
Biden ? who dat den ?

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Oooh, that’s not too good.
//Trump is fast losing the support of black voters, which he needs if he is to win the election//

Didn't Trump ask the question of the black voters , and particularly a deprived section of that community - what had the previous administration done for them - and intimated that they would be better off under his administration ,?

I guess many black voters who gave him ,/ the Republicans their votes , will be weighing up how they see his term in office so far , has impacted their lives
I would not say the George Floyd incident is the sole reason Trump is struggling. He shot himself in the foot repeated during the Covonavirus outbreak.
Once again a couple of cracking choices.
I find it difficult to comprehend How anyone could vote for trump. But I can’t understand why the democrats have a candidate who is 78 years old to run for president. Surely the Dem Party had/have other more suitable candidates ?
Apparently they decided otherwise, despite people like Warren and Sanders (too "left"), or Harris, Castro and Buttigieg. Biden won I suspect because of his ties with Obama.
Biden's the one who isn't the imbecile, SK.
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Gromit, your score card is wrong.

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