Matt Hancock Gave It A Miss Today

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teacake44 | 21:29 Thu 04th Jun 2020 | Politics
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I wonder why, may be he didn't want to be the one to advise the wearing of face masks after months of ignoring them, unlike other countries. Its taken a world record death rate for the penny to drop. Sheesh.


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all we need is diddly for the triumvirate!
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ZM Is it a bitter pill to take, that I was right all along:0)))))))))))
T/C , I gave up watching Hancocks Half Hour , weeks ago.
It’s quite painful actually. Watching you turn something relating to a clinical Product into a ‘face covering’, I mean. But you just carry on regardless and don’t worry what a tit it makes you look.
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22.06 Why didn't they make people wear them 3 months ago on the trains in London, when the rest of the world was, insane!!
I saw a thing today that said the government has finally come around to advising facemasks after months of being against them.

They have never been against them, they just haven't said you should wear them. Anyone with any sense would have been wearing them anyway. If you're waiting for the government to advise you of the bleeding obvious, good luck to you.
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Zac, has you would say over and over again, you lost the argument get over it.
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22.16 Your clutching at straws, it was made law in many countries from the beginning.
as for the science of face masks is - - weak

yup you can say that again
// Your clutching at straws, it was made law in many countries from the beginning.//

yeah but no but - this doesnt mean they work or will work
If only you knew the difference between ‘as’ and ‘has’, maybe we could take you seriously? Maybe.
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^^^^ rambling rose, rambling rose, why he rambles no one knows. :0)))))))))))
Does tea cake remind anyone of Rumplestiltskin?
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22.22 Compare the death rate, that should prove it (big time))
Question Author
22.25 No one taking notice of you zac. nite nite. :0)))
A scenario you’re no doubt all to familiar with, ‘cake.
At least we have got one of the" Three Stooges " still about at this time of night, he posted at 22.05 , don't know where his two Chinas are, probably in their prams throwing their dummies out. Wondering where the other dummy is.
// A downside of freedom of speech I suppose.//
well thank god we dont have any of that freedom of speech crap here on AB then!

the blast of hot air on this page is so strong,
I cant tell if it is Marilyn MCann where I wd yell in classic AB style
" hang im high but castrate him before that!"
or Matty H when I wd yell in classic Ab style " hang im ......

normal night on AB
Question Author
^^^ Rambling rose, Rambling Rose, why he rambles know one knows.:0)))))

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Matt Hancock Gave It A Miss Today

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