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If Brexit And Covid Didn't Happen?

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renegadefm | 12:48 Sat 18th May 2024 | Current Affairs
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Lets be honest David Cameron forced through the Brexit vote, and walked away from it when it didn't go his way. 

He was overconfident that the people would want to stay in the EU.  


And Brexit was like pulling teeth, I thought it would never end, but then has it?


I think the Tories have been made to look a disaster, just look at how many PM's we have had since David Cameron walked away.


Then we had Covid all around the time of Brexit, I truely believe whoever was or is in power, the country would still be in the mess it's in now, and we would then be blaming Labour or whoever was in power. 


There are conspiracy theories that covid was created on purpose because of us leaving the EU because the timing was so much around this time. 


Life seemed so much better before the vote of Brexit. 


Anyone agree? 



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COVID was created by the Chinese. Nothing to do with Brexit.

not me me old china, sounds like you have very little grasp of what happened.

"If Brexit and Covid didn't happen..." - and if my aunt had balls, she'd be my uncle.  Pointless speculation.

Life seemed so much better before the vote of Brexit.

Yes it was.... and a lot cheaper.

"I truely believe whoever was or is in power, the country would still be in the mess it's in now, and we would then be blaming Labour or whoever was in power."

Absolutely agree. The big problems facing the country now (excessive immigration, a failed health service, energy insecurity, 20% of the workforce idle, defence incapabilities, and much more) would be exactly the same, if not worse, had Labour been in power.

However, the Tories have not been made to look a disaster by anybody; they have brought their misfortunes entirely on themselves. They have lost the votes that were loaned to them to secure Brexit and they have lost the votes of many of their traditional voters. 

None of this has anything to do with Brexit or Covid. It is because no government of any persuasion has the will to implement any policies which will address these problems properly because they are too scared of upsetting anybody.

"Life seemed so much better before the vote of Brexit."

Life hasn't changed that much. But one thing has happened: the UK is no longer a member of the wretched European Union. And that is a definite benefit. 

Was Tony Blair right about Brexit ?...Of course he was .When he said Before Brexit. That the EU is the largest commercial Market in the world and it would be suicide to drop out.Also he predicts in the not too distant future There will be Three big power Countries. America China and probably India And all the smaller Countries wont get a look in unless they Band together like The EU to match their strength. So what chance will the UK have round the negotiating tables. When they are sitting alone on a picnic table on the balcony.

With many ruddy-faced yeomen serving warm beer and curly sandwiches to the faithful? 🤣

Question Author


I watched something on the TV a while back, and its believed that covid was created in a lab, but it wasn't in China. The theory is it was planted there to make it look like it started there, knowing full well it would soon be a global disaster. 


For me the timing of both events brexit and covid seemed to be too close together for it to be coincidence. 


Why else did David Cameron walk away from his position as PM when it was him that called for the vote, he should have known it go either way. 


Was he scared of something bigger happening if he remained PM, and couldn't handle his responsibilities. 

Cameron tried what he could to swing the vote by petitioning EU leaders to give a few (meaningless) concessions that they could easily have reneged on at a later date. They sent him away with a flea in his ear & helped to secure the LEAVE vote by a small majority. Barak Obama helped too.

Many REMAIN supporters thought it was a foregone conclusion & didn't bother to vote. So if anyone is to "blame" for Brexit it's the EU & complacent, idle remainers. (thankyou chaps) Nigel's speech to the EU parliament after the Brexit vote was a classic - "Well, you're not laughing now!"

Without the referendum & vote to leave UKIP would have been a growing force in UK politics & the result would only have been delayed by a few years.

COVID & Brexit are unconnected.

No more barking than other theories I suppose. 😐

The four biggest disasters to happen to the Uk in modern history has got to be Thatcher, Covid ,Brexit and Truss.

you forgot Blair's war & Gordon Brown!

"Without the referendum & vote to leave UKIP would have been a growing force in UK politics & the result would only have been delayed by a few years."

Exactly. The plain fact is that there was (and still is, despite reports to the contrary) a huge number of people in the UK who are totally against the country's membership of the EU.

If one had not been held when it was, there would certainly have been a referendum held in the UK by now, with pressure building on succesive governments to give the electorate a say on the issue. Between 2016 and whenever the referendum would have been held there came Covid and the worsening of the migration crisis, both of which the EU has handled terribly. The result would have been a much larger majority to leave. 

The EU made our leaving as difficult as possible (which was entirely predictable) and our government's handling of Brexit was, shall we be kind and say, utterly inept. But despite that, and despite the dire warnings of catastrophe, the UK is now performing better economically than both France and Germany.

There are similar sounds coming from some EU members now as came from the UK electorate in the early years of this century. None strong enough to force their governments to consider whether membership is in their best interests, but three countries - The Netherlands, Poland and Hungary - are developing policies which are contrary to the EU's goal of sharing the burden of illegal migration among its members. 

Gert Wilders, whose party won the Dutch election six months ago (and where a government has only just been formed) has vowed, along with his Coalition partners, to develop the strictest asylum scheme in the EU and to opt out of the EU's asylum rules. Holland is the first of the six founding members of the EU to begin to detach itself from nanny's apron strings.

Mr Wilders is seen as a rabid right-winger by the EU and they say he has no place in their circle. They thought the same of Nigel Farage and laughed when he said in the EU Parliament that his aim was to do himself out of a job. So I wonder what they are doing behind Mr Wilders' back?

Question Author

So covid and brexit had no connection? I assumed covid was created to frustrate the government's, it certainly did that anyway. 

too busy wwith what now to deal with - "what if?"

bear of little brain etc

I skimmed ( Naomi taught me how) and thought - he cant connect Covid and Brexit ?

He does ! ( use wobbly voice)

hasnt covid conspiracy had its day? nope obviously

The theory is it was planted there to make it look like it started there, 

that flies foo in the face of fact. It started in the wet market in Wuhan. We know this as there was a whistleblower who said so and was punished and then died. The fella who published the covid genome is starving himself to death outside his lab after a lock-out. ( that big chinee secret..)

There was not a leak from a lab as the cases didnt start there. ( see Porton Down Plague 1962 and Smallpox Birmingham)

er that is about it

conspire on - up free speech !

Covid was a global pandemic which began in Wuhan in Dec 2019.  Brexit a political divorce- we voted for it (or against it) in June 2016.  


yes. BA to spungo

Question Author

But if the UK is now performing economically better than France or Germany, how on earth does it feel like the country is in a state, just look at the councils pleading poverty, and you only got to look at the state of our roads. It's pot hole central around here. And apparently all over the country. 

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If Brexit And Covid Didn't Happen?

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