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If Brexit And Covid Didn't Happen?

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renegadefm | 12:48 Sat 18th May 2024 | Current Affairs
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Lets be honest David Cameron forced through the Brexit vote, and walked away from it when it didn't go his way. 

He was overconfident that the people would want to stay in the EU.  


And Brexit was like pulling teeth, I thought it would never end, but then has it?


I think the Tories have been made to look a disaster, just look at how many PM's we have had since David Cameron walked away.


Then we had Covid all around the time of Brexit, I truely believe whoever was or is in power, the country would still be in the mess it's in now, and we would then be blaming Labour or whoever was in power. 


There are conspiracy theories that covid was created on purpose because of us leaving the EU because the timing was so much around this time. 


Life seemed so much better before the vote of Brexit. 


Anyone agree? 



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Somebody will pop up shortly with something about other countries having problems  the same as the UK,  just you wait.

True, things were so much better before Brexit.



If you should happen to run of most roads in Spain you will end up down a 4ft concrete ditch - just sayin...

PP, covid did not start in the wet market in Wuhan. That's what the Chinese want you to believe.

It started at the Wuhan Institute for Virolology.

What a load of old pony COVID was not created in a lab FGS people think it through. Why would anyone want to create something so innefective? If it's a weapon it's useless and the problem with biological weapons is that you kill your own side too, they are not controllable. The common cold is a coronavirus FGS COVID has been with us for ever. All this conspiracy cobras is hilarious, how can people be so thick?

If we accept that Covid was manufactured in a lab we need to ask why

It wasn't what would be the point?

Ineffective? Have you completely missed the state of the world post-pandemic?

China 1 - The Rest 0 FT

Most people survive COVID if it's meant as a weapon then it's not very effective and not very targetted. More people in China died of COVID that the rest of the world put together. I'd say it's China 1 - ROW - 10.

You're entitled to your opinion.

Not opinion, fact.

The main problem with biological weapons is targetting. No one would make one as useless as COVID and then let it attack their own. COVID is just another mutation of the already existing coronaviruses that have been with us forever. Only brain dead conspiracy theory loonies think otherwise, Occams razor peeps.

We've at least established who's the simpler one.

It may not have been to create a weapon, but it is a fact that the Wuhan jab was experimenting with altering viruses.

The changes seen in COVID 19 were so major that many in that field don't believe it could have happened naturally.


The Chinese were very obstructive to any investigations. 


Even TTT's mate Michael Gove tried to raise the possibility during the recent COVID enquiry, but was quickly stopped because it was 'outside the scope of the enquiry'.


I think The Donald was right when he kept referring to the 'Chinese virus'.

... lab ... (not jab)

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If Brexit And Covid Didn't Happen?

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