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Is It Legal ?

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Canary42 | 19:07 Thu 11th Apr 2024 | Motoring
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Is motorbike racing and/or rallying on public roads against the law.


I thought it was but for the last half hour the noisy beggars have been streaming past my house.





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Were they exceeding the speed limit?. Were other vehicles such as commuters on the road at the same time?

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"A person who promotes or takes part in a race or trial of speed between motor vehicles on a public way is guilty of an offence"
[S. 12 (1), Road Traffic Act 1988]

However the law relating to 'cruise meetings' of motor vehicles is less specific.  Some police forces are classing such activities as 'Anti-Social Behaviour' though:

Racing (anything) on public roads is illegal. Rallying is not. 

There are a number of rules and guidance which organisers should comply with one of which is that the rally must not be run so that competitors have to travel faster than an average speed of 30mph.

Most rallys are usually run by car clubs and demand a high level of navigational expertise as well as driving. The type of "professional" rallys you see are mostly run off-road on a series of "special stages" where speed is of the essence. Club rallys will occasionally include a special stage or two on private land, but these are very much the exception.

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Today's is exceptional in that there appear to be marshalls stationed at some points. But every summer for years now they've done it every Thursday evening so I guess that counts as a cruise meeting rather than race/rally.  I know it makes me a NIMBY but I think I'll write to my Police Commissioner. Why should they be allowed to pollute my quiet little [Hayling] island instead of somewhere like the nearby M27 - much more exciting I would have thought and noise no problem.  

Canary will be out with the speed gun by the sound of it....may want to take the breathalyser too - imagine that being applied on AB contributors!!!

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CHRIS, you failed to mention 12(1A).

"Subsection (1) is subject to—

(a)in relation to England and Wales, sections 12A to 12F (which make provision to allow the holding of races or trials of speed between motor vehicles on public ways in England and Wales)"

It might have been authorized.

Most rally cars despite being heavily modified and with all the mechanicals you would expect, are road legal and have number plates. This is a legal requirement for these behemoths of power and speed as most of the stages involve public roads.
RIP Richard Burns and Colin McRae

Washing line between two lamppost.   That'll sort em!

Fair enough, except that I've never heard of any rally being run on a public road that hasn't been closed to all other traffic (and there's nothing in Canary42's post to suggest that's happened at his location).

The trouble was that they closed off the road to Canary's pub, 'The Bird and Goose'.....

"Washing line between two lamppost.   That'll sort em!"
Oh no! That would be like that awful opening scene in Ghostship :-O

Being illegal doesn't tend to stop lawbreakers.

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