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Is Outstanding Road Tax Lost When You Sell Your Car?

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dave50 | 11:27 Sat 13th Apr 2024 | Motoring
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If so, what happens if you are paying it monthly, can you just stop the direct debit once it's sold, therefore you won't have lost anything



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Don't know about nowadays, Dave, but back in the day, i scrapped my old banger which still had just over two months tax left on it and i was refunded. 

Only the month you are in. Do not stop the DD, DVLA will do that and they will also refund any payments that are made due to overlap in administration. eg if you sell your car on 30th April then the DD for May will be taken but when they are notified of the sale they will refund the May payment assuming the sale date is 30th April.

The tax (or Vehicle Excise Duty to give it its proper name) is cancelled upon change of Registered Keeper. Unused (whole) months are refunded so I imagine if you are paying by DD a calculation will be done to work out what is owe or what they owe you.

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Ok thank you.

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Is Outstanding Road Tax Lost When You Sell Your Car?

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