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Has Everyone’s Car Insurance Gone Up A Lot?

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bluefortress | 19:27 Tue 02nd Apr 2024 | Motoring
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How much do you pay for your car insurance?

Mine has gone up from £42 per month to  £74 per month 



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Mine with LV has doubled and we have not had any claims.  

A number of ABers have been reporting a doubling of their car insurance premiums recently (with no changes that would otherwise affect the price) – the good news is that this doubling of costs is having no effect of the annual rate of inflation.

Mine went up from £211 to £230 a year...

The sweet spot for best price on car insurance is 26 days before the renewal is due and do shop around.

Mine stayed roughly the same around £280 pa. Fully comp and courtesy car, no recovery I buy that separately. The renewal quote was for more but I switched. 

Mine went up a lot last year, it's due for renewal in six weeks 

Mine nly went up £3 last year - but OH's doubled (no claims by either of us).  I'm dreading mine becoming due soon - and I can't even drive at the mo.!

Mine has gone up from £612.61 last year to £987.80 for the coming year. I haven't had any claims in the meantime.

Just had my renewal quote from the RAC. Gone from £338 to £501. No claims/no changes.

(comparison sites all starting around the £500 mark)

I've just searched for quotes on a comparison in readiness for my renewal - hallelujah!  it is cheaper.  

There's a surprise

Got to pay for the leccy cars that get damaged.  Not cheap unfortunately.

It's the cost of Net Zero, but they wont tell you that.


Car Insurance for   learner and Young Drivers | Marmalade (               


went with these very reasonable

'They' have told us exactly that, young - I've read several reports in the newspapers that blame the cost of repairing electric cars, together with the shortage of spares.

Mines gone down - to £0.

Well, you did ask ðŸ˜€

That's because I'm now banned from driving (medical reason). You should count your blessings - it's murder in this country without a car.

I've just switched from RAC to Aviva Zero - only a bit cheaper £478 as against £501 but I did it through "Top Cashback" so might get a bit back (first time I've used a cashback site so🤞)

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Has Everyone’s Car Insurance Gone Up A Lot?

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