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Damage To Car

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fruitsalad | 18:24 Sun 31st Mar 2024 | Motoring
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I was backing out of a very tight spot, and  I have a dent the size of a 10p piece and a 2 inch, scratch, would it be worth me going through my insurance, or get it repaired privately 



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Google mobile dent repairs near me or something similar be lot cheaper 

I'd just get it patched up. There may be rules about telling the insurance company but it's unreasonable to give them an excuse to hike your premium over such a minor matter.

Don't go through the insurers it will cost a lot more in the long run.

It will be cheaper to get it done privately. As has been said, you are probably duty bound to inform your insurance company as part of the Terms and Conditions of your policy.


One option is to try one of these:

Another option is to ignore it completely if it's that trivial.

This is the sort of damage that mobile repairers are useful for.

Get a quote from Chips Away, Smart Auto Repairs or similar.

Big bodyshops aren't that interested in small repairs like this and will give high quotes to put you off.

Did you hit another car or a wall or similar? Was there any damage to whatever you hit?

I'm with OG on this one - don't give them an excuse to up the premium.

Unless of course you're mising somehing out and are likely to get a claim from another damaged party.

for a dent that size i wouldnt bother doing either.  When you want to sell the car, get it done then

I would bet there would be an excess to pay anyways, you'd probably have to stump up £100+ before getting anything from the insurer, check your policy. 

 It would be better to have it repaired privately and get it over with. It would be a hassle to use your insurance company for a minor incident, and they would raise your premiums.

I had a pretty big dent (football size) & scratches from a minor prang. Body shop quoted £1600. A dent man fixed it in half a day for £180. Not an "as new" repair but good enough. Car's only worth £4k.

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Damage To Car

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