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Car Insurance Renewal Doubled

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smurfchops | 10:39 Mon 19th Feb 2024 | Motoring
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Anyone else had this?  Can you recommend a fair insurance company for an over 80 age driver? No claims.   We are with LV at the moment.....



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You will just have to shop around.  A company that is cheap for an 80 year old living in a different area, driving a different car may be expensive for you.

Use all the comparison sites and check the companies that don't use them such as Direct Line and, I think, Tesco.

Try haggling with your current insurance company as well

Like you, I am with LV, and my premium roughly doubled from last year. I went to comparison sites and found that LV were almost the cheapest. A couple of years ago I had a small claim on the policy which was sorted out with one phone call and no hassle. I have just made a claim on my house policy (also with LV); that too has been hassle free. The fact that claims are hassle-free is worth a few pounds to me; you only find out how good an insurance company is when you come to make a claim. I shall have no hesitation renewing my house policy with LV when it comes up for renewal in May.

The first thing to remember is that loyalty is punished not rewarded. So hit the comparison sites. Also be aware that older drivers tend to get treated like teenagers as then get older.

Err indoors works in insurance and her outfit put out huge renewal quotes when they don't want the business, that could be LV's position here.

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Thanks all, and yes l do find LV very helpful, when driving abroad there is no hesitation in emailing me a letter confirming we have had no claims,they just seem so expensive this time.  I will hunt around and haggle...

also try a cashback site - you can get around £40 cashback usually 

The bar stewards are having a right old go this year - extracting the urine & no mistake.

TTT must be lapping it up!

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Well I hunted around  ... Saga, etc., but LV was still the cheapest.  Better the devil you know. 

Interestingly, my LV premium was up by about 50% this year...but the previous two years it went down quite a lot. So, I'm paying only about 10% more than three years ago!

LV is a Which? Recommended insurer (along with NFU).

Agree, i wouldn't use any other than LV.

We have just renewed one of our car insurances and managed to match last years premium of £250 for 80yr old fully comp.£250 excess, windsceen covwr courtesy car etc

Follow all the advice given by Martin Lewis!

1. Renew 23 - 25 days before the renewal date for best prices.

2. Be a named driver on another policy

3. Accept a higher excess if necessary, after all you're not likely to claim unless it's a serious issue.

4. Make no claims unless it's a write off.

5. Unless you're retired, choose a generic occupation rathe than specific. 

We end up alternating between Churchill, Saga, RAC and AA for ours sourced via Compare the Market. 

There have been a number of posts on this subject recently, where the OP has complained at exorbitant vehicle insurance price rises (circa 100%) – I wonder if these have been captured in the UK’s inflation figures (currently 4%).

I'm pretty sure insurance costs are included in the inflation rate calculation but will not have a huge effect compared to other costs such as food/housing/etc.

I paid £339 with RAC last year - the best quote I can get now is £502 with Aviva Zero.

You might find that having a younger driver with a good record on your policy as a named driver brings the premium down.

Any named driver helps, mine is 81!

good thinking, I've just added Hopkirk to my policy.

According to this BBC article - falls in prices for food items such as crackers, cake and crisps helped offset the rise in electricity and gas costs to keep overall annual inflation unchanged from December.


No mention of 100% increases in vehicle insurance costs; people must be buying an awful lot of crackers, cake and crisps for their price fall to have such an effect on overall inflation (and swamp any insurance increases at 100%).

you buy food several times a week - car insurance once a year

Not only that, dave. You spend far more on food than car insurance, so the effect on inflation is more dependent of food prices than insurance prices.

Dont ruin Hymies day, he thought he was on a winner there!

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Car Insurance Renewal Doubled

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