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Car Insurance Renewal Doubled

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smurfchops | 10:39 Mon 19th Feb 2024 | Motoring
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Anyone else had this?  Can you recommend a fair insurance company for an over 80 age driver? No claims.   We are with LV at the moment.....



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But only crackers, cake and crisps when down a bit (not 50%); so let’s assume they went down by 10% (and your £500 car insurance doubled), you’d have to spend around £5,000 a year on crackers, cake and crisps for their price reduction wipe out the car insurance inflation (that didn’t even get a mention).


That’s a lot of crackers, cake and crisps.

Hymie - can you quote (or give a link to) the full list of items in the inflation "basket" instead of just the 2 or 3 you have picked. A better analysis may then be possible.

Hymie, I could (notionally at least) spend a lot more on crackers in a year than on a one-off car policy. Of course crackers would at least feed me while the insurance would almost certainly be wasted, as it has been for the last 20 years or more, which is why it's labelled a grudge purchase.

The crackers, cake and crisps are from the BBC article.


You can download the list of basket items used by the ONS for the annual inflation from here (excel file):-

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Car Insurance Renewal Doubled

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