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Car Back Seats

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fruitsalad | 21:02 Sat 06th Jan 2024 | Motoring
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Are getting wet, but I cannot make out where it's coming from, front seats seem fine



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Do you have a sunroof/panorama roof?

Is the roof lining wet?

Do you have a rear window washer and the reservoir constantly needs topping up?

Check the boot for wetness – I once had a vehicle in which the boot tyre-well was full of water due to a leaky boot seal.

If you suspect a rubber door seal is not making fully and allowing water ingress – lightly coat the rubber door seal with Vaseline (or similar), close the door and open, and then check for a continuous transfer of Vaseline from the door seal to the vehicle bodywork.

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No sunroof or panorama roof the roof inside is not damp at all, just the back seats, I will definitely try the vaseline on the rubber seals though.

Wet back seats or boot used to be down to the back window seals leaking but nowadays the glass is glued into place so a leak is rare. Wet carpets are sometimes caused by a rubber plug in the floor being lost but that can't be the situation in your case as it wouldn't get water on the seat. The only thing I can suggest is running a hosepipe over the rear screen and see if you are one of the few unlucky enough to have a leak.

Possibly through the centre break light, depending on where it is fitted.

Do you have a dog on the back seat ? 


(yes I know, I meant brake light)

It could be water getting inside the tailgate. Once the tailgate is opened it then drips onto the back seat.

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Car Back Seats

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