Could Someone Recommend A Garage For Engine Work On A Rover 75 Pls?

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entranced | 13:33 Sun 31st Jan 2021 | Motoring
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Am having trouble finding a garage to replace a powersteering pump on my rover75...i can obtain the part...


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i should add that the car is in Plymouth
It would help immensely if we knew where you are. Pointless recommending somewhere in Isle of Skye if you are in the Isle of Wight
Have you tried Burnetts?
Changing a power-steering pump should be a straightforward job that any garage can do.
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no havnt tried Burnetts...but will look them up recommending because youve used them yourself?
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yes, i thought the same but had some difficulty in getting the problem diagnosed at all! One garage replied with 'how long is a piece of string' when i asked for a quote lol....issue was diagnosed by an ex Rover garage in Newton Abbott and can supply replacement but i dont think the car will make the journey...pwer steering pump pulley is getting red hot ...
I can't answer your question, but, you will probably find that it is a stinker of a job and will cost a fortune in labour charges, best of luck with your quest.
Check with local branch of 75 and ZT owners club, they should be able to advise.
Rover 75s are cheap as chips, you cold buy another one cheaper than it'll cost to repair this one.
These two garages both have outstanding reviews on Google. In the absence of any other information, they're the guys that I'd be asking for quotes if I was in your position:
TTT makes a valid point, is it actually worth it?
There are some figures suggested on this thread (from 2013) here:

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Could Someone Recommend A Garage For Engine Work On A Rover 75 Pls?

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