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Current Driving Test

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AB Editor | 09:19 Thu 25th Jul 2013 | Motoring
35 Answers

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  • It is not difficult enough - 140 votes
  • 51%
  • It is OK as it is - 118 votes
  • 43%
  • The current test is too hard - 17 votes
  • 6%

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Pretty much OK, but I'd like to see two things :

1. Some much, much better validation of identity for both the theory practical tests - 'personation' is a growing problem in some areas.

2. Compulsory 'pass plus' lessons, in particular the modules regarding proper use of Motorways and high-speed dual carriageways.
I voted 'B'

Agree with sunny-dave no 2) and would add that I think the driver under test should be in a car with no 'L' plates.

Given the antics of some of the reversed-baseball cap wearing idiots out there, I didn't think there was a test anymore.
I'm a regular (25,000 miles + PA) driver, usually early evening, into the early hours driver, and some of the stunts you see are amazing!
It is insufficient, it should include motorway, night, and skid pan driving.
It,s not hard enough, it should be upgraded to the harder specifications as the Motorcycle tests "Tests" not just the one "test" for cars!

i bet all the people who voted 'not difficult enough' have passed their test

Ok, you win, ^^^^ (probably) now what?
I agree aelmpvw - that's why I voted "B" - anything else smacks of "pull up the drawbridge now that I'm safely inside".

pass plus should be compulsory,
Do as they do in France - make it compulsory for new drivers to display "A" plates and limit them to 90 km per hour (about 53 mph) for at least the first year after passing the test.
Not sure what the current test entails, but I voted not difficult enough as I would like to see it involve motorway driving.

I think is ludicrous that someone who has had no motorway driving can pass there test an immediatly go straight onto a motorway which imo is the most stressfull sort of driving
aelmpvw, Yes I've passed my test, a test taken at a time when we had no motorways and all signals were done with the right arm extended out of the window. Since then the cars have got faster, the roads more crowded and yet, apart from the written part, the test has remained virtually the same. It's time it was brought into the twenty-first century.
I think we should take a test every 10 years or sooner with certain convictions.
New young driver should NOT BE ALLOWED to take passengers after passing their tests, should NOT BE ALLOWED a car over 100cc, until they have had experience, & experience come with time, if a young person that has only just passed his / her test gets involved in an accident or is caught for speeding within the first 6 months of driving should have their licence suspended & made to go through another test. On the point of a test, did you know, a person can pass a HGV Test on an unloaded artic on a Frid then start with a company on the Mon driving a 44 tons loaded HGV, how's that for an accident waiting to happen? ( And it does, seen the video and the evidence.
I simply can't comprehend a system whereby you can pass a 'standard' test and then go on, voluntarily, to pass an 'advanced' test. What's wrong with teaching people everything about driving in one go?
should NOT BE ALLOWED a car over 100cc

So that's a skateboard, basically.
The real problem with the driving test is that it doesn't test driver attitude (and I can't see how it can). Most people can drive around for an hour or so with an examiner sitting next to them and keep within the speed limit, indicate for junctions and roundabouts, think which lane to be in approaching a junction, stop when traffic lights go amber etc etc. Then, after passing their test, they think that all these are irrelevant and drive like prats.
Anybody who thinks Motorway driving should be compulsory doesn't live in Cornwall!

There are certain practical problems with some of the suggestions.

We could and I think should require a compulsory sight test every year

Sorry - meant to say every 5 or 10 years!
It has been too long since I took the test to know the answer to this. But I vote for a variable pass mark. Folk could take a test during the year and at the end of the year the pass mark could be calculated so that no more new drivers get a licence than there were drivers who have ceased to drive. That way the congestion gets no worse.

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