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Motorbike Insurance Tax Licence Triangle

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jezmatron | 23:59 Wed 24th Jul 2013 | Motoring
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Friday 2nd August is when I take my CBT to enable me to ride my currently SORN'd bike. I am hoping to ride my bike during my CBT.
In order to do my CBT on it it needs to be taxed,
In order to Tax it i need to be insured,
In order to get insurance I need a CBT!

Any ideas?


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Are you sure you need to have your CBT to get insurance for your motor cycle
Question Author
Well when I went on an insurance comparison site it said something like 'we assume you have obtained a CBT' in the t's and c's. I think I'll give them a ring.
I think your triangle is a rectangle because I was told that if I wanted to do my cbt on my bike I would have to have it transported to the centre.
I could legally ride it while doing the test but not while travelling to the test.
Far easier to use one of their bikes IMO
You cannot ride it legally on the road without a CBT so tax and insurance are irrelevant. Use one of thier bikes or get it transported to the CBT site.

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Motorbike Insurance Tax Licence Triangle

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