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Current Driving Test

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AB Editor | 09:19 Thu 25th Jul 2013 | Motoring
35 Answers

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  • It is not difficult enough - 140 votes
  • 51%
  • It is OK as it is - 118 votes
  • 43%
  • The current test is too hard - 17 votes
  • 6%

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Motorway driving is not hard. The problems I see on the roads are people who don't know what lane they should be in.
I have to say that is an issue. Some of which can be put down to poor signage for drivers in unfamiliar areas; but the number of times I see obvious wrong lane positioning is incredible. Sort of makes one wonder how the average IQ manages to creep up to 100. Folk who think that to turn right in a moment means they have to be in the left most lane, being particularly common, although the opposite is hardly unknown either.
My sister lives in Spain and the driving test there is much more difficult than it is here!
Could the 65 people who voted that it is not difficult enough please explain how they know?

It has been changed several times, so unless they all took it recently they are not qualified to comment.

A road test for all every 5 years at least. Every 2 years after 65 yrs old.
Some drivers on the road have never sat a test whatsoever.
Hopkirk.........we know it must be easy because females can pass it!
As I passed my test in 1969 I don't really know what the current test is like but judging by the standard of driving of some people today I would think that something needs changing.
It's not just the passing of the test, it's the attitudes that are the problem. Inexperienced new drivers showing off because their friends are in the car, drink-driving, practising in snow, ice, motorways.
I did vote the current test is ok. I didn't have to take a Theory test, so it's already harder than mine was, but i honestly don't know how difficult it is now.
My sister lives in Spain and the driving test there is much more difficult than it is here!

LOL, you wouldn't think so starone, they drive like there are no rules !.
Type Your Answer Here...I've never driven a current but I do drive cars all over the world (passing their local test in some) and I don't find the level of difficulty of the test is very material. The safety and behaviour on the roads is all down to enforcement. If breaking rules is punished then driving is orderly. If, as in so many countries, there is no downside to behaving foolishly and badly, the the rules will be flouted. The danger is very greatly underestimated in every country in the world. Nobody has had an accident until they have an accident.
There should be a second part to it.
First part as now but a second part before you were allowed to use motorways.It is ludicrous that you can pass the test by driving at under 30mph around a quiet residential area and then get straight into a car and do 80 mph along the M25 or M1. It should be legal to just take the standard test if you never want to go on a motorway which is all many drivers want anyway.
People often forget that passing the test means you have attained the minimum acceptable standard. It does not mean you are a good driver.

I think all drivers should be tested every five years to check they are still above the accepted minimum standard.
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tonyav, I was beginning to believe that there was no driving test in Spain ,the way they drive there ,and until recently ,even the fourteen year olds,used to take themselves to school on a scooter doing wheelies through the school gates .

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