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Driverless Cars

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AB Editor | 11:22 Wed 27th Feb 2013 | Motoring
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  • No - 191 votes
  • 68%
  • Yes - 90 votes
  • 32%

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Finally we have a cure for car users that don't want to drive, find it a chore, and are really bad at it accordingly. Leave the roads free for the drivers who do enjoy driving by paying full attention to the road, courteous of other drivers and maintain a defensive driving style to ensure safety above all things.

All the old people who find neck movements difficult and awareness times lacking would find this very helpful, pregnant and disabled people too. AND don't forget you can drive to the pub, get sozzled and your car drives you home!! Perfect :)

We already rely on machine to do life threatening tasks as complicated as navigating a road network. BT's network exchange is phenomenally complicated, hospitals use purpose built computer tech to keep us alive and our Nation Defence (inc. nuclear launch capabilities) has sophisticated, purpose built systems to make it operational.

You're bonkers if you voted "No" truly the ball and chain to mankind's endeavours to free the willing of menial tasks, like driving.

Or cleaning floors (hoover) Cooking over an open fire (microwave oven) Writing a post on AnswerBank (Computer)... I've run out of energy now...

"can I ask this? would those who say they would be happy in a driverless car travel in a pilotless plane?"

Doesn't this already happen when the plane is on autopilot?
No different than a driverless system like London Docklands Light Railway, the trains run automatically from station to station but a human Passenger Service Agent is always present somewhere in the train, with responsibility for door closing and handling of emergency situations, but in a car?
I think it's a great idea. I think they'd be safer than human drivers, and I could get some kip on the drive in to work.
I'm glad I have allergies when it comes to cars I get road rage and I don't. Even drive!!!!

the idea is that the car drives you, not that its an empty car!
I think if all cars were driverless it'd be great, id love to not have to drive, but not sure how well it'd work with a mix...?

would that cause problems?
No no no
Even when the plane is flying on auto pilot there are two pilots on board. Machines are not perfect, what do you do when the driverless car has gone wrong and heading for a brick wall at 70 mph? ring the garage?
That Is stupid. My vote is no.


/// Machines are not perfect, what do you do when the driverless car has gone wrong and heading for a brick wall at 70 mph? ///

21:45 Thu 21st Mar 2013

Ring for an ambulance?
Question Author
Thank you to everyone who took part.

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Driverless Cars

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