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Electric Cars

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AB Editor | 13:40 Mon 13th Feb 2012 | Motoring
38 Answers
If you buy an electric car the government will give you a £5K grant towards the cost but with battery charge times long and usage time short, would you consider buying one?

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  • No - 206 votes
  • 61%
  • Yes - 129 votes
  • 39%

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completly agree with you big Z ! what a bumbling government we have.
NO WAY, totally useless for what I do.
Yes.....when they run on few torch batteries and a packet of spares can be kept in the in the car's glove compartment.

electric cars will be great, just as soon as we can generate the electricity to run them, you might as well burn fossil fuel in the car rather than in the power station to then charge the car up and end up with half the power you would of had if you just burnt the fuel in the car
It was minus 15 degrees here the other day.

When I drove to work my petrol engine provided heat to warm the car and clear the windows.

If I had an electric car, that need for heat would severely restrict the range, surely.
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If I had £70,000 spare I would buy one of those DeLoreans on sale from I wonder if they do a RHD model.
Our local newspaper ran an article today on electric cars, and reported that low sales means that there are presently more charging points in the UK than there are electric cars.
Mind you, I said I would never have a mobile phone .......
Back in the 80's (and to a certain extent the mid to late-ish 90's) the percentages would have been the same if the question was "Would you buy a diesel car?"

Like it or not, oil will run out which as a petrolhead concerns me. What needs attention is how to keep electricity as 'on-tap' as petrol and diesel are now. So instead of batteries, on-board electricity generation is necessary for electric cars to succeed. And when the oil runs out and there is no petrol or diesel to do this, you have a problem. Unless you live close enough to work to commute in a G-Whizz, but if that was the case surely a bicycle would suffice? I know what I would prefer, and it involves lycra shorts.
What few seem to realise is that in winter you need to run heaters lights demister, rear screen heater, radio , sat nav all from the same electric supply as the engine.
Renault were recently forced to admit that in 'winter driving conditions' their new electric cars had a range of under 50 miles before needing an 8 hour recharge. Virtually worthless ! as that means anything over 25 miles away is out of range for a return trip. Even then there is the possibility of getting stuck in a traffic jam with the heater needed and reducing the range further.
I was stuck for 3 hours last week in a 100 car tail back due to cars getting stuck on a hill when the snow started . Thank God I was not in an electric car !
Perhaps they need to fit them with pedals, like mopeds used to have when I was a teenager.
http://www.autodvdgps...s-mctgy-2-adg.html,if i install another car electronics,it is so difficult to working
kingchar, this question is about Electric Cars NOT Car Electronics ! I think you are confused .
When I said I would buy an electric car, I didn't say that I would get rid of my diesel car. I would just use the electric car for the 5 minute drive to the shops. For motorway driving I would go for a BMW 5 series, but that will have to wait until the wheels drop off of the Citroen.
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i only do short journeys so one would be benificial to me -but i would need an home charging unit first as there are not enough nationwide at the moment-also it is only a matter of time before fossil fuel cars are banned from big citys london will start the ball rolling-wait and see?

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Electric Cars

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