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Electric Cars

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AB Editor | 13:40 Mon 13th Feb 2012 | Motoring
38 Answers
If you buy an electric car the government will give you a £5K grant towards the cost but with battery charge times long and usage time short, would you consider buying one?

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  • No - 206 votes
  • 61%
  • Yes - 129 votes
  • 39%

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Not unless the cable is very, very long.

but only if I can have one of these 0-60 3.7 secs 245 miles on a charge...
No, I've seen the problems my neighbour has just charging up her mobility scooter.
Our Milkman has had one for years he's never had any probs with his!!
The government doesn't give grants as it has no money of its own; the taxpayer does, whether the taxpayer likes it or not. When these vehicles are viable they will need no grant; until they are viable it is questionable whether the taxpayer should be subsidising private purchases.
Electric cars have too many limitations for the driving I do.
Have you seen the second hand values of electric cars?
More to the point, have you seen any electric cars?
I wouldn't know one if I saw one - and there are no charging places that I know of, round here.
Builders, I keep finding myself behind buses that seem to have no exhaust - is that the same thing?
BMW have just launched one that runs on a cordless extention lead....might be worth a look!
Nah, they're just broken down.
Electric cars are a dead end anyway. Their range is too low, and that's on a fine summer's day without any other current demand! Most of the time drivers in the UK have to use headlights, windscreen wipers, heater, demister, heated rear window, radio/music system etc - not to mention providing power to drive the car! No electric vehicle would go far in the UK.
BMWs dont break down they just have unscheduled rest stops!!!
The worrying thing here is that in the poll 42%+would buy wonder the reds were in for 13years
Electric cars are 500% less efficient than fossil fuels. Why does anyone think they are in some way fuel efficient?
Also - the batteries deteriorate with every charge. They eventually hold so little charge they need replacing - at the cost of £8000 a time!
Lithium ion batteries, which are what are used in the the latest electric cars are far superior to lead accumulators, they have a much higher power to weight ratio and only deteriorate to 50% of their nominal capacity.It won't be long before electric cars are better than petrol cars.
But in the typical British driving conditions Jomifl? The batteries of an electric vehicle won't last long when they have to power the headlights, wipers, heater and blower - whilst also providing the power to drive.

Secondly, if a vehicle runs out of charge 40 miles from home - what then? Find a power outlet then wait till the next day for it to recharge? With a petrol/diesel car you can jump in at a moments notice and drive 300 miles if you have to - then turn round and get home again. You only need fill the tank and you have another few hundred miles of driving instantly on tap - whilst also using headlights, wipers, heater.......!

In a recent test it took an electric car 3 days to drive from London to Nottingham. That's not good by anyone's book surely.
using fuel to generate electricity generates 80% less energy than using the fuel directly. No amount of hysterical eco warrior propaganda can change that, it's school boy physics. We would be better off making steam cars that use coal directly.

no car no matter how much of a gas guzzler produces anything like the emmissions taken to produce the hybids and electrics.

Why do we give air time to the ill researched ramblings of these eco idiots?

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