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Considering Going Electric?

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Khandro | 14:02 Sun 17th Feb 2019 | Motoring
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It's perfect for the daily commute of less than 100 miles a day, or regular short journeys.
//It's perfect for the daily commute of less than 100 miles a day//

a colleague does just that sort of distance every day, so electric would, on the face of it, be ideal for him. however he lives in an old terraced street where often he cannot park nearer than half a mile from his house. not sure loads of half mile long cables laid along suburban streets would be very practical.....
Did he actually read what he has written? Plenty of grammatical errors.
Too soon. Hybrid might be nice but at present it'd be extra functionality mostly unused. Most of my driving are on journeys >100 miles anyway. Plus I hear that in cold weather the range reduces dramatically. But personally I don't believe one can beat a fuel where you quickly fill and then just go.
No mention of the cost of a replacement battery; they seem to be £5000+ for cars. OK, some manufacturers let you rent the battery but the monthly rental cost is as much as you'd pay for a month's petrol, so no saving there. Our local bus company bought about 30 hybids back in 2011; as the batteries conk out they are replacing the transmission with a conventional one rather than spending £30,000 each for new batteries.
My neighbour has a hybrid car, seems to work for him, but two car family, other one is normal fuel. Fortunately we have of Street parking, but always makes me smile seeing car plugged in.
Question Author
The patience of this reporter has to be admired, granted he was getting paid to do it, but I'd have died at the first obstacle. Trying to put an app (I barely know what that is!) into a smart phone (which I don't have) which then doesn't work, - no thanks.
I think there is a long way to go before they are viable really. The way the battery range seems to vary for no reason is a worry and the lack of charging points is a concern.
Friend of mine has an electric taxi and thinks it's great. The rank he works from is very near a charging point.
Nissan Leaf was one of the first all electric cars available and is now showing it's age. Newer all electric cars are now available with better range ie., Kia Nero with 250 miles. Some of the basic drawbacks are home charging (drive/garage required), still initially expensive, battery replacement costs.

At the present time I believe the best option is petrol/electric hybrid.

Love the post and the idea of electric cars in general, but I do not think we can get it affordable too soon. I've checked the website I usually use for price comparison and selling cars and there are no electric cars now( Hope the things will change in the nearest future.

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