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Modern Headlights

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AB Editor | 13:05 Tue 10th Jan 2012 | Motoring
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  • Yes! - 252 votes
  • 73%
  • Yes, but only on 4x4's and other "tall" vehicles - 52 votes
  • 15%
  • No. - 42 votes
  • 12%

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I sometimes wonder if they're even legal, they're so bright. Even on dipped, some of them are as bright as high-beam.
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I agree Jno.
Sure, they are bright, but I wouldn't go so far as to say they were dazzling or distracting in the way that misused front and rear fog lights are. Likewise speed ramps, were they designed deliberately to dazzle oncoming drivers?
This has just been covered once, why is it on again?


No cars have High intensity Headlights, only the dipped beam headlights are Xenon the Xenons have sensors on the front and rear suspension which actually move the Xenon bulbs up and down as the car moves along the road, they should not dazzle at all, the manufacture fitted Xenons also only give out a white light, they also have to have high power headlight washers to keep the lights clean so there is no light scatter.

I have never been flashed by another driver because my Xenons are to bright.

The problem now is that illegal HID conversion kits are available, these could be the ones causing the problem as they do not come with the
expensive levelling system or the special headlamp washer.

When the above rules on lights come into force perhaps they will be scrapped as they will be an MOT failure.

22:22 Sun 18th Dec 2011
It's a poll.. Not a question :-)
I've been dazzled many times by them, they're a nightmare, especially on country lanes, I've nearly crashed into the back of a car that had stopped to turn ahead of me because I've been dazzled.
I don't have a problem with them, but I certainly do with front fog lights.

I would make them illegal.
It is illegal to have fog lights on when there not needed !
Toureman...If only the newspapers would publish a headline!

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Modern Headlights

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