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goodgoalie | 22:35 Tue 03rd Apr 2018 | Motoring
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Washing my car today I broke the little 'windscreen wiper'-like wiper for one of the headlights. I've never actually used it, but I was wondering if it has any implications for the MoT test. It's quite an old car, and as more modern cars don't usually have these wipers, can I assume it doesn't matter? The test is next week, and I'm stressed enough already!


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Hmm, not sure if this is a reliable source but...
Love the Oor Wullie avatar btw.
Only cars fitted with those xenon bulbs ( you know the ones that on coming cars dazzle you with ) legally have to have a headlight washer or wiper system.
Seeing as you say it's quite an old car I doubt that it will have xenon bulbs.
I remember having a Vauxhall Carlton years ago with those headlight wipers, one of them didn't work ( motor knackered I think ) the car passed it's mot though.
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Thanks, Malachite. Seems a bit inconclusive, but I'm taking heart from Honest John (whom I often read and trust) says " headlight wash is not a standard feature." As I said, I've never used them, and even after 11 years of owning the car would not even know how to turn them on !
Question Author
Thanks, tony, that's really encouraging. It's a 1995 Saab, so def not xenon :)
Some replacement blades on here, gg.
1995 Saab, should just be standard halogen bulbs then, gg.
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From what I can find, I think you're right tony that it is only if you have HID or LED lights that you have to have working headlamp washer/wipers. Anyway, this might be the least of my worries....

Funnily enough the same (village) garage that I'm taking it to next week, gave my an advisory last time about unsatisfactory state of the spare wheel. I've looked it up, and the spare wheel is not part of an MoT test! Glad I found out in case it happens again, or he fails me on it....
If I were you I'd take the spare wheel out before you take it for an MOT,gg. May save arguments ;-) ( many cars don't have a spare wheel these day's ).
I would have thought you would have wanted your car to be complete as you bought for the sake of a few pounds,I would.
I am not 100%sure but I think the MOT will require the vehicle to be completely roadworthy,but I do take your point.
No need to worry about the spare wheel, it is definitely not checked in the MOT.

If it was illegal to drive with a faulty spare, you couldn't drive away after suffering a blowout.
I have just checked a recent article in the Mail.

Apparently the MOT test is being upgraded soon. One of the new points will be a check on headlight washers when fitted on cars registered from 2009.

You are exempt then, even when the rules are tightened.
Question Author
Thanks for that Hopkirk - I can get back to worrying about all the other stuff..... :)
Hopkirk - I was under the impression that, although you don't have to have a spare wheel, if one is present, then it has to be legal. If that wasn't the case (as you suggest), then you could carry a spare that was bald as the proverbial badger and then use it in the event of a puncture.
'I've never actually used it'

You probably have, as they tend to work in conjunction with the screen wash jets.
As for spare typres:
2.12 Tyres and wheels
These will be inspected to check for:

tyre size and type
tread depth
Spare wheels and tyres are not inspected.

Vehicles first used on or after 1 January 2012 will be checked to make sure the tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) MIL is working.
Question Author
SurreyGuy - according to the official site, "Spare wheels and tyres are not inspected" See at 2.12 here:
As ZM pointed out at 13:20 - in all the cars I've had with headlamp washers fitted, going back to 1985, if you operate the windscreen washers whilst the headlamps are on you automatically operate the headlamp wipers as well.
No Surreyguy, you are wrong.

You can carry a cartwheel as a spare if you like. It only becomes illegal if it is attached to the axle.
Hopkirk and goodgoalie - well I didn't realise that! Thanks for educating me.
It really irritates me that spacesaver wheels are perfectly legal to use but your car will fail the MoT if one is fitted for the test. It means that if you have a puncture on the way to the MoT you have to abandon the test.

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