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Side Lights

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Footbath | 22:27 Mon 22nd May 2006 | Motoring
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This morning in torrential rain,I noticed quite afew cars- and a few lorries driving on side lights instead of dipped headlights.Why are modern vehicles fitted with side lights,why not just headlights and parking lights?



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This is down to laziness or (I suspect) they are afraid they might blow the headlight bulb and have to pay for a new one.
You may have noticed that black cab drivers do excatly the same thing at night.

Side lights and dipped headlights have different functions, which is why cars have both. Headlights are there so that you (the driver) can see the road ahead when its too dark. Side lights are there so that other road users can see your car in reduced visibility conditions, such as heavy rain or fog. Having your headlights on makes no difference to you, you can still see the road, but they are dazzling on coming drivers. Side lights allow you to be seen without blinding other people. Not using your side lights/headlights properly is down to ignorance.

You should always use dipped lights when driving in reduced visibility and never drive with just side lights (it�s an offence). In rain the rule of thumb is if you need to use your wipers you need your dipped beam on and always have them on in fog.
Side lights are for parking in roads that have a 40mph speed limit or over and all 4 sidelights must be on and the car parked on the correct side of the road

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Skids - surely if your headlights on dipped beam are dazzling people during the day then they would be even worse at night. I think if you get blinded by a cars headlamp s on dipped during the day its more a case of incorrect headlamp allignment, overated bulbs or bad eyesight.
Not true djc45. You should only use dipped headlamps when visibility is reduced to less than 100m. This is covered in rule 201 in the highway code. My wipers are often on before visibilty is that bad.
I'll just wait to be corrected but here is my opinion.

Side lights are of no practical use and they are too dim to allow others to see you clearly- black cab drivers please take note.

Side lights are not parking lights - parking lights are not necessary any more.

Dipped headlights should always be used in poor light/visibility and can legally be used under any conditions.

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Side Lights

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