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hand-brake adjustment

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kenny1234 | 22:09 Mon 09th Jan 2012 | Motoring
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I recently was invited to take my Honda Jazz into the local dealers for a free headlight switch check-no problem. At the same time they gave me an "appraisal" of items they considered needed to be carried out. One of those was my hand-brake which they said needed adjustment---they could do it for£39!!! Needless to say I said thanks for letting me know and I'll bear it in mind. My MOT is coming up shortly and so I thought it better to have it done(even though the car holds without a problem)--I believe only so many notches until effect felt.------After all that,how much should I expect to pay?[apart from £39]?


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My local garage usually does little jobs like that for me free of charge or, on a bad day, "We'll call it tenner, shall we?"

Otherwise, a back street garage would be likely to charge it (at most) as half an hour's work (@£40 per hour), plus VAT, making £24 in total.
That's a coincidence, just had my wife's car MOTd, the mechanic adjusted the handbrake and fitted one side light bulb for free and it passed.

I am lucky, great mech localy.
£40 per hour! Beunchico, where's that garage?
If the car held without problem 'Did you get them to adjust it?) if so, why?
My wife's Honda Jazz went in for a recall for mods to the electric window switch on the driver's door 12 months ago. When we collected it they said "while working on the door switch we noticed the rear brake discs and pads need changing". I can't remember the quoted cost exactly, it was about £250.00 + VAT. We hadn't had the car long and it was just before it's first MOT. Fair enough they did need attending to but my local independent garage did the MOT, serviced the car and did the rear brakes all for £283.00 inc VAT.

They are just touting for work.
My local garage, in Suffolk, actually charges £35 per hour (+VAT).

Last October I asked him to give my car a thorough pre-MOT check, fix all of the problems, drive it 3 miles to get it tested, wait during the test and bring it back. He had to clean and adjust the rear brakes and (coincidentally) adjust the handbrake. He charged me £2 for parts + 2 hours @ £35 + VAT = £86.40. There was a further £54.00 to pay for the MOT , making £140.40 in total for me to simply drop the car in at breakfast time and pick it up, with a new MOT, at teatime. That seems reasonable to me.

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Note to TWR--- holding alone will not pass, it has to do so using only a few notches of the lever.

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hand-brake adjustment

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