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Goodbye To Ceefax

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AB Editor | 12:58 Wed 18th Apr 2012 | TV
50 Answers

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  • No! - 205 votes
  • 56%
  • Yes, of course! - 140 votes
  • 38%
  • What is Ceefax? - 23 votes
  • 6%

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Question Author
Stats update every five minutes (a bit like Ceefax...)

A love letter to Ceefax from the Beeb:
Question Author
Also, if you do/will miss it - tell us why!
the typeface was always attractive, I used to like "pages from ceefax" on in the mornings on bbc1 and 2, it reminds me of the 80s and my youth, I used to love the football updates, i will miss ceefax :(
I didn't know it was still available, I thought it stopped years ago.
I used to book really cheap flights from ceefax. now have to rely on web sites which seam to be higher rates
There was always so much more to read on Ceefax than there is on the digital equivalents.

We had the 'switchover' several years ago and the loss of Ceefax is the main thing I regret happening.
''I don't surf the internet, I paddle in the Ceefax.'' Can't remember who said it but it made me smile. No I won't miss Ceefax!
Ceefax was the BBC's text service - so I don't think you did book flights on it.
It was a far better service than its digital equvalent.
I agree, Davethedog! I will really miss Ceefax for quick updates on weather, shares and sport in particular. The digital equivalent is much slower even when you manage to get into it - don't know if it's my TV but usually it takes at least 5 minutes for the digi channel to 'warm up' before the text option is available and then it takes several minutes to turn off and revert to the TV programme when you have finished with the text services. I have nothing against progress but this isn't progress!
Haven't used it in donkeys years. Some good quizzes tho I seem to recall.
I hate digital text!
I still miss the oracle! Yes I will miss ceefax.
-- answer removed --
Not used it for yonls (don't know how to if I'm honest) but remember book an rather good skiing holiday at a knock down price a million years ago... RIP Ceefax..
Oh no. Not another great loss to us. Is there any other teletext we can look at on other channels or see something like it online?
It stops when your area loses analogue. Mine did last night. I liked to read the Ceefax news in bed as I 'came to' in the morning. The digital equivalent is not the same. Annoyingly the idiots' letters, er I mean readers' letters was taken off some time ago. Missed getting irate at the weird opinions too.
I'm already missing the analogue. Didn't get picture freezing with analogue.
Didn't start breaking up because of a little rain. Still that's what they call
Question Author
Might force those who make the replacements to offer a better service? Probably not though, not when you can look something up online instead.
until there is 100% internet coverage throughout the whole country they have to provide a decent form of teletext, that being said I cannot see them actively trying to improve the current digital text, especially as a lot of tv companies are struggling financially.

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Goodbye To Ceefax

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