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Goodbye To Ceefax

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AB Editor | 12:58 Wed 18th Apr 2012 | TV
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  • No! - 205 votes
  • 56%
  • Yes, of course! - 140 votes
  • 38%
  • What is Ceefax? - 23 votes
  • 6%

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Lost Ceefax some time ago and would endorse everything said about digital replacement. I did enjoy Bamboozle.
Haven't used it for years - so no, I won't miss it at all.
What's ceefax?
It is marvellous. What will they replace it with?
Used to use it all the time and the ITV one. Booked loads of holidays but that was before the internet was available in the home. I still use the Sky text for news and weather.
I'm still mourning the loss of Teletext! I used to enjoy the letters, Bamboozle etc, etc.
Im going to miss the Lego looking sun on the weather page :)
Never used it.
I have never ever seen it!! Never felt the need for it.
Very useful for reading the news with the sound off so as not to disturb anyone else. Easier to follow than the BBC website.
I really miss it! The digital text service is so pathetic compared with the analogue text, not enough detail, slow to load and certainly not updated as frequently. The weather pages are not worth the effort to look at! We lost our Ceefax in August last year and I still hate the red button text. But actually the ITV analogue teletext which was discontinued a couple of years ago was the better of the two analogue text services - lots of weather details. They seem to forget a lot of older people do not have computers for access to the internet.
I don't read the digital text pages either!
Bamboozle never was on CeeFax (BBC), nor was cheap flights, both of which were on Teletext (ITV and Channel 4).

Bamboozle is back - on iPhone!
The digital text service is so slow, used the old ceefax for quick football results and flight information. sadly missed IMO.
I can still get Ceefax but not for much longer. We are the last area to go digital in September.
Where do yo live then?
North-east England
I hate the digital TV service - we think its a backward step. Picture freezes also the sound goes for a few seconds, but we are not forking out for a digital aerial, as well as a freeview box, its such a cheek.
The only other channel apart from the terrestrial ones that I use on a regular basis is ITV3 which is good for the old mystery dramas. The rest appear sheer rubbish to me, mere repeats.
Staying in and watching the telly used to be a cheap pastime. Not any more.
We haven't even got a widescreen telly yet. As long as the old one carries on
working, I'm not bothered. As for the ceefax, yes I do miss it, I used to like
reading the news etc. Gave me something to read instead of channel-hopping!

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Goodbye To Ceefax

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