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Goodbye To Ceefax

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AB Editor | 12:58 Wed 18th Apr 2012 | TV
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For a moment I thought ED was asking a question to be answered by Miss Ceefax.

A bit like the chap who said to a certain lady..."I'm a man of few words...Will you or won't you"....To which she replied.."I am not the sort who is easily persuaded..but you have talked me into it".

It used to help me with my daily mail name game quiz because it printed the
pop charts. I know you can do that on- line but I do me puzzles downstairs
where the telly is and computer upstairs!
Digital teletext is no substitute for Ceefax. Ceefax was always updated far more quickly than digi-text is. It also had the big advantage that every page had its own number, so if you knew what you wanted you could go straight to it rather than the series of menus that one has to navigate now. Why on earth couldn't the same people who ran Ceefax be appointed to run the new service in the same way?

I liked Ceefax because I could read text without having half the screen showing a moving TV program. With digital I often cover up the half screen I don't want to see. Next best thing is Sky Text where half the screen, although it shows other things, is not constantly moving.
I will miss the latest football score updates on Ceefax. I do not wish to have to go on-line to find out what's happening. I can't believe that Digital TV is taking a step backwards in this respect. Shameful !!!
Very much so-it is ideal for racing results,cricket scores etc.
The red button alternative is I understand a waste of space-I much prefer
TV through non sky except when actually watching Sky only programmes.
Is this progress???
My fist dirty weekend away with the girl who is now my wife was booked courtesy of Ceefax. Had to go round to my Dad's as my telly didn't have teletext, his had fastext so it was a case of red button, and Peter Kay style, booked it, packed it and f..ked off. Although in our case it was up the M6 to the lakes in a Vauxhall Viva and not off t'Egypt on a 737!
I used to use it constantly but now there is google, which will do everything, I see little point in it.

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Goodbye To Ceefax

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