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maggiebee | 09:57 Wed 18th Apr 2012 | TV
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Well folks, what did you think of last night's episode? Quite a few twists and turns. Can't believe next week is the last in the series, the characters are just great.


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Yes, I've really enjoyed it...not sure why Leanne's ex had to take the little girl when all he wanted was some divorce papers signing though? Just added drama I suppose.
I'm wondering whether all their stories will be wrapped up as happy ever afters or go horribly wrong.

I think I'll be off to that hotel when I win...this is it!
another great episode, i hope it does^nt end in tears,
did i see Kay Mellor as an extra picking her child up inside the nursery it
looked an awful lot like her
BTW an excellent series,hope it get a deserved recognition at the bafta awards
I'm enjoying the series also, what a lovely place to stay.
Thanks for the link Robinia I was wondering where it was.
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Robinia, maybe it was the only way he could get her attention. Thanks for the link to the hotel - now where's my lottery ticket for tonight!!
Brilliant episode last night. I was wracking my brains trying to think what Leanne's secret was - did not expect that! Hope it works out, also hope Bob (Timothy Spall) gets better. Sad it's finishing next week.
I also think its a great story. I think it's highlighted just how money can/does not bring happiness. With all of these characters they can now afford the material things in life, but are at risk of losing those they love dearest and no amount of money can correct that.
Love the series, hope Bob survives the operation, every episode is good.
Dont you think its time that Timothy Spall was made Sir Timothy ?
Finally caught up last night with the latest episode.

I'm loving this mini series.

Hopefully it will end better than "Inside Men" which I also enjoyed until the final scenes of the last episode.

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