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DSJ | 17:12 Wed 18th Apr 2012 | TV
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I will miss Ceefax hugely. I check on Ceefax more than I do on the actual TV. I'll miss the cricket scores, football info to a lesser degree, and the local and international news headlines.

I don't have a laptop or a modern sophisticated mobile phone & am definitely not planning to buy one.

It was bad enough when Teletext disappeared but for me it will be devastating when I lose Ceefax as well.


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Well you obviously have a computer of some sort don't you?
Ceefax ??


You can still get Ceefax?
Not for much longer apparently ....
Question Author
i do have a computer but when I go away, I don't have access to it. Hotel rooms with no Ceefax TVs are a 'no no' with me.
Unless the OP is lucky enough to live in N.Ireland, then they've got it until October.
I agree with you DSJ as I miss it too, best news and quick to access all gone and we're the poorer for it IMO. Don't like the red button service, too slow and not as easily accessed...not good when you've been used to a brill service for all these years.
bbc one has txt and around uk for regional news
lap top or norebook for you then?
I miss ceefax, DSJ - it was switched off here ages ago. I found it soothing and familiar, especially early in the morning.
I haevn't used ceefax for years, i didn't know it was still available!
I have a Freeview+ Digital Recorder and I can still get Ceefax by pressing the Red Button on the Remote for the Recorder

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