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cyanide | 12:33 Fri 25th May 2007 | Media & TV
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Am i sick to find this so amusing?I think its hysterical!!


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You're not sick - or if you are then I am too!! I thought that was fantastic! We've got that same mask and I'm going to show the boys after school - they have the same sense of humour and it'll make their day. It's made mine, thanks cyanide!!

This is our funny clip of the moment in nutland. You might like it:

Apologies if you've seen it, but this makes me laugh every time...
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Ha-ha-ha-ha, I love that!!Thank you :-)
I thought you might, somehow!!
Iliked both of those clips, very funny.

After a while i did start to feel 'guilt' at laughing at the goat!

So I suppose that means i must be sick but also a little bit sad!!
very clever and funny strar wars clip but the less said about the other clip the better.
very clever and funny star wars clip but the less said about the other clip the better.
Sorry , did'nt find any of them very funny at all, am i sad , or just lacking a sense of humour.
Nor did I!!!
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Ahh well,it takes all sorts doesn`t it.
Yes it does. On the other hand, they could GENuinely have no sense of humour. I only have to think of the general's stony face and I'm laughing again!

(Boys loved the goat...! xx )
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Ha-ha,nice one :-)
Had a good laugh at both them clips. The goat one takes a while but at the end you can just see him looking at the ground and he's pondering was it something he said.

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