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The Chase.... They Walk Among Us .... Part N ... Today's Gem....

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ToraToraTora | 17:58 Thu 22nd Feb 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Q: The Glades region of what US state produces over half the nations cane sugar?

A: Alaska!




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I know Alaska is probably wrong but have no idea what the answer is.

Without googling, Florida?

Question Author

As usual with these the answer is largely irrelevant, the fact that someone thinks the semi Arctic state of Alaska has the everglades and is used to grow sugar cane is the comic fodder. Also the actual answer is more or less given in the question. Where are the (ever)glades? 

I would have thought Wyoming - there's a huge sugar plant there.

TTT. Why are you always showing off? Loads of women don't like that.

Sorry I can't contribute an intelligent response to your OP, but your OP is simply crowing, and there's no answer to that other than to crow back; I can't bring myself to do that, so I offer an unintelligent response.

Idaho for beet followed by Nebraska and Wyoming up there....cane Florida and Louisiana.

Question Author

DTC the surely you have heard of the EverGLADES?

I think my Mrs might know! I Alaska( I'll ask her) yes she reckons it's Florida!

Well, at least they had the right country.

Didn't see The Chase but an answer on Tipping Point made me smile.

Q  On which continent do Brazil nuts grow?

A  Asia

The only Glade I know of is my air freshener.

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The Chase.... They Walk Among Us .... Part N ... Today's Gem....

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