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Call The Midwife

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barry1010 | 17:00 Sun 03rd Dec 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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It is Sunday, it is December.  Aren't we usually a good way in to a new series by now, with a storyline building up to the Christmas special?

What's going on? 



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They've probably had to slow down so they don't overtake us

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New series in January then, it's unsettling, having my routine upset :(  

The Christmas special usually kicks off a new series.

//Call The Midwife./

Bit premature innit. He isn't due t'il 25th December.

I gave up on it when they ran out of the books written by Jenny Lee, and turned it into a soap opera. 

There's a Christmas special confirmed for Christmas Day (but no exact time yet):

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I know there is the Christmas special but doesn't that usually conclude the series, not start it?

^^^ You've got it the wrong way around, Barry:

Just put it down to old age 😊

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Oh heck 

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Call The Midwife

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