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Nothing To Declare.......

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ToraToraTora | 18:15 Sun 03rd Dec 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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Anyone watch this? 9 out of 10 cases seem to be Chinese smuggling food in and lying about it. .....and have you seen some of the "food"?....disgusting!



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I haven't watched it.

I have seen plenty of Brits taking suitcases full of baked beans, tea and ketchup to Spain.  Folk like to be home from home when they go to exotic places like Benidorm 

Bit different than meat and fresh fruit and veg which are highly illegal, and you can get those products you mentioned in Spain

I know, Webbo, that's why I'm surprised when I see it happening.

I've known people try to take pork pies in to Spain, and those tinned meat pies seem to be a great favourite.

I took all kinds of stuff to my parents when they lived in france, Chinese takeaways, Cheddar cheese, Bacon, Australia is a bit different and a declaration card is filled out on the flight to Australia or New zealand

We knows what we like and we like what we knows.

I think some people take whatever food they're comfortable with when they go abroad.

Pork pies and baked beans one way, bat heads bushmeat and crocodile anus the other.

Personally I think it's stupid. Just learn to do without pork pies and monkey meat for a few weeks, or stay at home.

Love the new advert for heinz beans with the guy crying,turns out his suitcase with his beansbin went missing. would not eat chinese food if you paid me.

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Nothing To Declare.......

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