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maggiebee | 10:17 Tue 03rd Oct 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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Just finished binge watching two series of "Crime".  Very dark but I loved it.  Any ideas for my next binge watch?



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The Americans ,we are on series 1 episode 5 it's very good  channel 4 catch up x.

what channel is crime on please ?

another one i loved watching is ....This is us ....on prime 

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I watched "Crime" on STV player. It's set in Edinburgh.

hubby just told me we watched it lol x

We very much enjoyed Crime, too.  

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Glad you enjoyed it barry, like Dougray Scott and of course Ken Stott. Mallyh, not the first time I've started watching something then about two episodes in I have a "lightbulb" moment.

The Night Agent. The Clovehitch Killer. Clickbait. All on Netflix I think.


i just watched DNA on iplayer - it wa sfab

Tired of so much crime, drugs, & political correctness etc. we're watching for a second time, Downton Abbey on Netflix. We watched first when it came out, but are enjoying it second time around, lots of twists and turns which mostly had been forgotten.

Ozark was mental, but a good laugh.

Have you watched the entire Snowfall series on the Beeb. Hadn't realised the fifth - and final -season had been aired until a few days back. Binge-watched the entire Season 5 and, imho, a very apt finale.

If you'tre not 'au fait' with the synopsis, it's set in America in the days of the first 'crack' epidemic. There's a lot more to it tyhan jkust drugs, though, including CIA involvement. All juicy stuff - and, at times, quite dark.

You'll have to forgive the 'typos' - this laptop has the most sensitive keyboard i've ever experienced. You only have to look at a key and the letter appears🙁


trapped icelandic series we really enjoyed this ,they speak english x

Asus, Doug. My own fault for buying the cheapest in store. Lesson learned - i'll jemmy a few quid more from my wallet next time i buy a laptop.

Aye, me too.

Just in case you haven't read them, there are the obvious best ones: Game Of Thrones, Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul


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Thanks for all your suggestions which I have taken note of.  Have watched Lenovo and the Night Agent (both good). Started watching The Long Shadow based on the true story of Peter Sutcliffe.  Very dark, more so because I remember it all.  

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