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Four Lives

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maggiebee | 13:37 Sun 09th Jan 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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Binge watched Four Lives last night about the murders of four young men by serial killer and rapist Stephen Port. Chilling portrayal of Port by Stephen Merchant who I barely recognised. The investigation was so fundamentally flawed that an inquest jury recently found that it probably contributed to three of the four deaths. Not for the faint hearted methinks.


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I read about the Police investigation and it was badly managed from the start.

I can't remember the details but the police's inaction caused more deaths.

We watched it and thought that Stephen Merchant and Sheridan Smith were excellent. Couldn't believe the ineptitude of the police in not linking the murders.
It was great, a really good and well constructed piece of drama. lots to think about in terms of assumed prejudices. I recommend it as a binge watch too.
Which channel?
On my list to watch.
wow I'm a huge fan of Stephen Merchant, I'll be watching that myself, cheers mags. Similar thing was the portrayal of Dennis Nilsen by David Tennant. I always think this sort of thing highlights how good these actors are.
Cheers Mamy, now on my watch list.
^ ^^
Both brilliant actors.
Appropriate Adult was good too, about Fred West.
Dominic West was brilliant as Fred West.
James Bolam as Harold Shipman, another amazing piece of acting.
I've seen lots of programmes about Shipman, Tora and I like James Bolam but I must have missed that one. Is it a long time ago that it was on?
very good..I remember the case...beggars belief how negligent the polis were !!
I watched it Maggie, despite my dislike of Sheridan Smith. Worth watching .
Very good back to back watch last night. Stephen Merchant gave me nightmares, I could see him staring at me every time I closed my eyes.
Anne I thought I was the only one who couldn't stand Sheridan Smith so good to see I'm not alone.
Thanks for that Tora. 20 years ago so MIGHT have seen it and forgotten but none of the cast ring any bells either

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Four Lives

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