Judi Dench Who Do You Think You Are

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grumpy01 | 20:40 Wed 20th Oct 2021 | Media & TV
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Anyone else watch this last night.It was billed as one of the best ever episodes and it certainly was.I enjoyed it anyway.


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Yes thoroughly enjoyed it
Yes, but of course she's a professional who knows how to play to a camera.
It was fascinating to see where her journey took her, and finally back to Elsinore what happenchance.

It was a great watch.
Sorry but it bored me rigid though I do love Judi as an actress.
If you like a historical programme I recommend A House Through Time.

You can get the whole of series 4 on iPlayer,looking at the residents of a house in Leeds.

Series 2 in Newcastle is being repeated on BBC 4, and so far 2 episodes are available.

A brilliant watch.
those are excellent, Hopkirk, I've enjoyed them all
I enjoyed it too.
It does make you wonder though, if we could go that far back what we would find out about our ancestors.
I missed it, hopefully it will be repeated at a later date
Georgiesmum, watch it on iPlayer
Barsel, my ancestors are from all over, but one line is English and I've traced them back to the late 1600s. They spent 200 years just being ag labs - very boring!

They once invited Michael Parkinson to be a subject. He said "You must be kidding, I've never had an interesting ancestor." They went ahead researching anyway and eventually came back to him and said "You're right, they're all boring" and dropped the programme. He just said "Told you so!"

And I'm not even as interesting as Parkinson.
Yes , we thoroughly enjoyed it as well
It was good but I do think that they have tended to dwell on world war subject matter for far too long on some of them but this one wasn't too bad, I much prefer the social history.
Is that the programme where someone discovers that one of their 26 million great great great great great great etc grandfathers once met Shakespeare? :-)
ichkeria you made that sound sarcastic?
I would love to know if I am distantly related to someone who was famous or achieved something good other than working in the cotton mills as my family tree shows.
I was a little envious when they discovered Tycho Brahe in her family tree.
This series has started with 2 really good episodes, most enjoyable.

I've also enjoyed the previous "A House Through Time" series & have just started watching the story of the Leeds house.
“ ichkeria you made that sound sarcastic? ”

That’s because it is sarcastic.
I’m sure it’s great fun but it’s fundamentally nonsense once you go back more than a couple of generations
I watched Josh Widdicombe
who had a Royal Portal ( relation who was a plantagenet )

Joshy was all a bit open mouthed and making stupid pssy comment whenever he could

and was over-foo ed when told Anne Boleyn had married Henry - and DIDN't say, Mary was the other Boleyn girl

and said 'really? fooo!' almost constantly

so it was a bit of a pigs ear
I tried genealogy once, ended up at Adam and Eve (some gaps on the way though) :-D

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Judi Dench Who Do You Think You Are

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