Steve Martin?

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davebro | 19:06 Sun 09th May 2021 | Media & TV
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Does anyone think he is funny? Goldie Hawn dragged him through Housesitter, otherwise a flop.


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He was great in Roxanne.
I like Steve Martin, find him funny, but he's has been wasted on a lot films, by rubbish comedy writers.
Seen hardly anything of his, but he is a prodigious talent with a banjo.
'All of Me' with Steve Martin is one of my favourite films to this day. Well worth a watch if you haven't seen it.
I liked some of his films when I was young, though I can't think of the last time I watched one. Little Shop of Horrors was a classic though!

I saw him once, years back when I was at Venice Beach in LA. He was filming there.
Correction: Little Shop of Horrors is a classic :)
The Man with Two Brains used to be hilarious but I expect it would seem incredibly dated today.
I found Dirty Rotten Scoundrels funny.
No, I don't find him funny.
He used to be funny, but like many other comics, he got gradually less funny as he aged. Some of his early films are pure gold: The Jerk, The Man With Two Brains, Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid are all classics of their genre. Some of his early SNL appearances are also superb, although that was back when SNL was a who's who of American comedy talent. Damn fine banjo player too.
Not watch any of his films except bits of Inspector Clouseau , which I didn't think he is funny in .

By the way, I didn't know that Roger Moore also played the bumbling detective
Was an excellent stand up comedian, my favourite film of his is
Parenthood, which is so true to life, messy, funny, heartbreaking all in one.
A very nice bloke in real life - met him in Ireland on honeymoon and he was a delight, staying in the same hotel as we were.

As an actor, I can't stand him - there's something skin-crawling in the way his body language is conveyed. However, there is one outstanding movie in his repertoire for me and that's Dirty Rotten Scoundrels where the three of them, Michael Caine, Steve Martin and Glenne Headly really work well off each other.
American comedy movies is a genre I tend to avoid, and Martin has done a lot of those.
He was OK in Roxanne and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, but not outstanding.
Is he funny? Not when he is delivering unfunny lines written by other writers.
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The Pink Panther originals & re-makes were on TV last week. Like chalk & cheese IMV.
They're absolutely awful aren't they Dave?
The Pink Panther films should never have been re made, they were a waste of time and money
I like the sort of ‘daft’ of Morecambe & Wise so Steve Martin movies and The Pink Panther with Peter Sellers are right up my street. More of that sort of innocent, inoffensive ‘daft’ around now might encourage people not to take themselves or life so seriously and remember how to laugh.
i did see some of the re made pink panther film but gave up as its just not funny.

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